Definitive New Book - The Starch Solution (VIDEO)


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This website probably wouldn't exist if it weren't for a medical doctor who saved my wife's life.

That man, John McDougall MD, has just written a book which is the culmination of years of research and successful treatment of thousands of patients.

Without question, this is Dr. McDougall's best book.

Scroll down to watch the video, then order your copy of THE STARCH SOLUTION.

To order your copy of THE STARCH SOLUTION, click here.



starch_solution_front.jpgTo order your copy of THE STARCH SOLUTION, click here.


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Wow, that is a wonderful & well deserved tip of the hat to Dr John McDougall. He is a wonderful, inspiring man, who has dedicated SO many years to changing peoples lives, changing their habits & SAVING their lives in the process! Kudos, John, & thank you. Wishing you much success w/your new book.


And in case you haven't seen, here is my review of The Starch Solution - with direct comparison to the 12 Day Program.


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Thank you

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