Dr. McDougall cuts corporate health care expenses in half using starch-based diet (VIDEO)

Jeff Nelson, VegSource Founder | 04/02/12

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Health care costs in the US are out of control. 

General Motors spends almost $3,000 per car they sell paying employee health expenses. 

Employer health care costs in the US are said to create an unlevel playing field -- in a world where governments in every oher country pick up the bulk of health care expense.

Enter John McDougall, MD.

25 years ago Dr. McDougall invented an immersion program that reverses disease -- and the corporate world has begun waking up and using his program to slash their health care costs and thereby increase profits.

In a recent interview for a film in progress, Whole Foods Founder and CEO John Mackey told me how he decided to use a plant-based diet to help his employees. His interest was piqued some years ago when he first learned that groups of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota employees had gone through Dr. McDougall's Immersion program -- and the health care costs of each group had dropped a whopping 44% in a year.

Later, a diabetic Whole Foods employee who was losing her vision approached and asked Mackey if he knew of anything that could save her vision, beyond the ineffective drug treatment she was receiving.  Mackey decided to contact Dr. McDougall and ask if he could run a pilot program for Whole Foods, to find out if Whole Foods employees with health challenges could also benefit from Dr. McDougall's Immersion program.

This is how -- a little over two years ago -- the first group of Whole Foods employees began their journey to a dramatically healthier life, using Dr. McDougall's famed Immersion program.

Watch this 13-minute film about Dr. McDougall's Healthy Employee Immersion Program -- and think about whether your company should also consider dramatically cutting their health care costs with Dr. McDougall.

Team VegSource (aka Jeff and Willie) shot and made the video below for Dr. McDougall -- and were knocked out by what we saw.  This is just a glimpse of scores of people we met and interviewed, all with similar stories of recovering their health and regaining a trim, youthful appearance by attending Dr. McDougall's program.

Drop me a note if you'd like to have someone from your company try out Dr. McDougall's program.  The great results you'll see in this video are typical.  The future of medicine is here!




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John Mackey comments in Wall Street Journal reflect his opinion that there is no insurance program, i.e. private (Blue Cross Blue Shield) or public (universal health care) that is sustainable. We have such an epidemic of obesity and the chronic disease that follows a lifestyle including the western diet. If we individually and collectively do not make changes there will be tragic consequences in the future. It is not affordable. Good health is less expensive and far more rewarding than disease.


This is a clear example, as well as Dr. Barnard's work with Geico employees, of reversing poor health by utilizing what mother earth gives us. Our nation is in deep trouble and it may just be, that it starts with what people are putting into their mouths. If the documentary Forks Over Knives was mandatory viewing in schools, churches and corporations each day, we may be in a very different place. Were it not for pioneers like Dr. Barnard, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. McDougall, John Robbins and many others, we wouldn't have this great mine of outreach and information we do. All the foods that make up a starch diet are not only physically enriching, but also spiritually. It is a peaceful soul who knows that each day an animal has been spared a terrible death.


The pharmaceutical & medical industries have become obscenely wealthy at the cost of people's lives. Eating what nature intended--plants--revives the body and ceases one's contribution to the torture & death of animals & the destruction of our beautiful planet.

Thank you Dr McDougall & all the wonderful doctors promoting a plant-based diet. Thank you for having the courage to speak the truth & break the mold.


I don't know how anyone could put together a better team for health . . . Dr. McDougall and his 'team' are such a gift and they're right here in Sonoma County!


If we keep slashing costs, then we get to a point where our health care solutions no longer provide the benefits we need... Funny how employees are being tossed aside so subtly without us realizing it. Oh, corporate...


Nothing against ideas like this, I'm all for being more efficient and productive, but the starch diet he proposes just doesn't look like a long term solution for our health. Can't wait to see the reaction that will come out of health departments worldwide to an idea like this.


Its great to read this post.


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