Jeffrey Masson: Is there such a thing as "humane" meat? (VIDEO)


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Here's a special video excerpt from the upcoming GET HEALTHY NOW YELLOW DVD set.

Bestselling author, Jeffrey Masson, has written many popular books about animals, such as When Elephants Weep, Dogs Never Lie About Love, and The Face On Your Plate.

Watch Jeff talk about a few topics: Cesar Chavez encouraging him to go vegan; how children have to be indoctrinated against their instincts to eat animals; and what Jeff said to his friend, chef Alice Waters, when she told him that in her gourmet restaurant, Chez Panisse, they never serve an animal that hasn't led a wonderful life.

Jeff's response will crack you up!

This is a very short excerpt from the Q&A portion of Jeff Masson's fascinating talk.

Watch video now:

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