What Big Pharma frauds say about your health decisions (VIDEO)

Jeff Nelson, Founder | 11/26/11

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So here it is, listen carefully to learn why you should be eating a plant-based, starch-strong, plant-strong, Novickian, Esselstynian, McDougall or Nutritarian diet (take your pick).

An article came out this week entitled Merck Pays $950 Million for Vioxx Illegal Marketing and Dangers…But No Jail Time.

The article talks about crimes and deliberate frauds committed by Merck, a leading pharmaceutical company.  In a nutshell, Merck lied about the safety of this drug in order to sell more of it and delay its removal from the market since it is actually quite lethal.  They sold an enormous amount and made many billions -- and many people were killed and injured since, as Merck knew at the time and now we all know, the drug was actually quite dangerous.

Merck has agreed to pay almost $1 billion to settle criminal and civil suits. 

They aren't the only one.  GlaxoSmithKline reached a settlement three weeks earlier to pay $3 billion because of fraud they committed with its diabetes drug Avandia.  And Pfizer paid $2.3 billion while Eli Lilly paid $1.4 billion in recent settlements. More info.

All of this is shrugged off by Wall Street as the "cost of doing business" because if a drug company can earn $6 billion off of a drug through lying and fraud, and only pay out $1 billion in fines and no CEO goes to jail, well that's a great business model.  Imagine if you could rob a bank, take $5 million dollars, and your only penalty is that you have to give back $1 million.

Well where corporations are concerned, that's the American way.

Corporations are "people" in the US only to the extent that they can use money to influence elections and control politicians, but not in any way that includes personal responsibility.  If you or I did what Merck does, we would be imprisoned or put to death.  But Merck and the rest of Big Pharma is still out there, readying to introduce the next line of dangerous drugs on a propagandized public.

I saw this video below the other day of William Black, the former lead prosecutor on the S&L frauds of the 1980s.  Black is a very intelligent, knowledgeable guy who successfully prosecuted thousands of criminal banking frauds in the S&L debacle.  He was the Senior Regulator for the US during the time.  This is a guy who prosecuted powerful CEOs and CFOs and went up against the brightest defense lawyers and rich defendants with unlimited litigation budgets.  Yet he and convicted nearly 90% of the criminal Savings & Loan operators they indicted. 

It is well worth watching his 15 minute talk in which Black details how our current government, both the Obama administration together with the Republicans, have opted to allow immunity to the bankers who committed massive, provable frauds and ultimately crashed the economy and ripped off everyone.  Obama doesn't want individual states to even investigate the fraud.  Watch:

This is not to get political -- ignore that the talk is part of an OWS "teach in."  I am only sharing this as it underscores the point that your government, both left and right, is owned lock, stock and barrel by the big banks, and by big companies like Monsanto, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Elil Lilly -- and pretty much any huge corporation that seeks to protect and expand a monopoly, or which profits while doing harm to the public.

In short: the game is rigged against you.  And if you haven't learned that yet and opted to step away from the medical propaganda that predominates, then you are likely in for the health issues that predominate. 

The "dietary guidelines" are like the drugs Merck markets -- they will largely hurt not help you.  They are for the benefit of a big company, not you.  The "nutrition advice" from outfits like the American Dietetic Association are also largely money-driven.  Just like your government, they are owned lock, stock and barrel by Big Food, and must produce very tame and inaccurate advice which will not offend their donors.

And the media?  With a few occasional exceptions (think: CNN's 1-hour show on Dr. Esselstyn and Bill Clinton reversing heart disease through plant-based nutrition), the media has to answer to the same entrenched financial interests which own and operate your government.  Don't look for a lot of truth there.

This is not to say that everyone who is in government or in the ADA or working for a drug company or in the media are craven whores.  Just that the institutions themselves are set up that way, and by and large this is their output.

So it is up to you to educate yourself and find a way to protect your assets -- of which your health is most important.  If you are going to rely on Big Medicine's "research," its pills, potions and surgeries, just know that for the most part what you receive is designed to benefit a company more than you and your health.  That's just a fact. 

The alternative is to step out of the herd and discover that what you put into your body through your mouth every day -- is the most important determiner of your health.

Educate yourself, take control of your health by making intelligent decisions at the dinner table.  Read some books, watch some video presentations, get to know the experts we help promote at VegSource, check out their websites, their studies, get to know the community of people who follow their programs who have dramatically improved their health and well-being. 

Discover the proven truth that to a very large degree you can control your health outcome.  But only by taking control yourself, and not relying on what is largely a greed-driven system set up to benefit someone else.


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