Native Foods Vegan Cafe Comes to Portland, OR! (VIDEO)

Jeff Nelson, Founder | 11/17/11

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Native Foods Cafe is on a mission: to come to your city soon and open one of their AMAZING vegan restaurants!

Want to know if they are coming to your town during 2012?

Watch the video below!

Why would you want a Native Foods in your own city?  Well first because it's a 100% vegan restaurant.  Next because it's freaking DELICIOUS!  It's inexpensive, a great value, with a friendly staff, and the biggest bonus?  Because just like founder Chef Tanya -- Native Foods a lot of fun!

Team VegSource traveled to Portland, Oregon, the weekend before last and shot some video so you can see exactly what Native Foods Portland is like!

Watch the video to see whether they're ready to announce a Native Foods opening near you!

Watch video now:



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Hey, don't be greedy! Come to PA, I need the food over here. I love vegan food and also could network with other veganist to keep me on track. 325 Lbs to 288 lbs back to 307 lbs come help me. A.S.A.P
I'm falling victim to regular food and It's hurting my body. I'm not ashamed of my post this is my plea to my unknown vegan friends soon to be discovered.

:-( Keith
Struggling vegan


Hope Native Foods comes your PA way before long! Meanwhile, if you are looking to shed the pounds and keep 'em off, I would recommend doing a program to meet your goals. There is a terrific doctor in Mercersburg PA who is running programs there and around her area, Dr. Liz George, and she is helping hundreds in PA to regain their health and lose substantial weight. There are also great MDs like Dr. McDougall and Dr. Fuhrman who have books and free online programs you can access and get support from their communities. Wishing you all best!


WE NEED YOU In the North East, specifically Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire and Concord,NH.
Lots of farms still for local produce, local apples.
This is the area in dire need of education.
How can one invest in this new company?


Hi Jeff, This is George Mihaly from Portland (the other video guy at Native's opening). Love your video!

I'm finishing up my edit and wanted to see if you approve of my link to your video at the end of my clip. You can check it out here Cheers -George

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