Bill Clinton ♥ Caldwell Esselstyn Jr MD (VIDEO)


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Last Wednesday night Bill Clinton explained to talk show host David Letterman why he adopted a vegan diet.

In the process, Clinton mentions his inspiration, Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. MD.



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When I was cutting down on animal products, by the time we'd reduced our intake of animal products to once per week, our bodies had healed enough to be able to physically object. ... eating the meat made us sick. It was a really clear message! All week, we felt great, full of energy and good humour. Then on Sunday, we "treated" ourselves to some meat and BLAM! ... sick. The wisdom of the body is remarkable.
That's why an Elimination Diet for identifying food sensitivies recommends that we completely eliminate the food in question for 10 days, then eat it again. In the 10 day period, the body recovers enough to react clearly to foods that are bad for it.


Wish Bill wouldve mentioned (as he did on CNN) that he has more energy & that he enjoys the food. Dave needs to try the food to see that he will enjoy it. No one gobbled up cheeseburgers more than Bill, so Dave can surely make the change too. Dave also needs to decide if eating animal flesh is more important to him than being alive to be a dad to his child.


I am really happy this got some main stream press. I drew a lot of parallels after watching "forks over knives"


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