Dr. Klaper -- Plant-Only Medicine Man (VIDEO)

Jeff Nelson, Founder | 09/29/11

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Dr. Michael Klaper is a genuine healer, in the best sense of the word.

He's a brilliant, warm-hearted individual, and I think you'll enjoy getting to know him a bit.

Watch this video and imagine how nice it would be if all doctors were like this.

Scroll down to watch video now:



To find out more about this year's Healthy Lifestyle Expo, the list of speakers and dates, visit


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Exellent content of course, but why the tragico-touchy-feely idiotic music?* It's so stupid that I'd be embarressed to send the link on to anyone.

Must these videos have music at all?

*Similar problem with Jacquie Says Goodbye to Diabetes with Plant-based Diet'.


I'm proud to send this & all vegsource videos to lots of people...very well produced. Music enhances the emotion of the words, which is sincere, genuine, heart both the Jackie video & this video & all others, imho.

This piece truly brings out the Dr Klaper I have known & admired for 20 yrs. He embodies the spirit & heart of a rare healer. Anyone who wants to be inspired to help themselves heal, would be wise to seek out Dr Klaper's guidance.


How exciting to see an M.D. practicing this way. I really hope this is the dawn of a Rennaissance and we will see more physicians treat their patients with diet instead of pills.


This doc is awesome. I have been seeing his videos for 20 years! I am so sorry to miss the Expo this year. I missed it by arriving back home one day late-go figure! I hope there will be a video!


I think Dr. Klaper is great, and last night I was talking to someone whose mother went to True North and the experience changed her life.

However, is Dr. Klaper really a "Plant Only" doctor? Does this mean he doesn't prescribe medicines? I don't think that is the case, nor should we be providing anyone with the expectation that prescribing medicine is across-the-board the wrong thing to do.

I am a cardiologist who is plant-based. I am a minimalist when it comes to medications, but there are definitely instances when medications, even with a plant-based diet, can be life-saving. For example, if a patient has a cardiomyopathy (a weak heart) due to a virus. Regardless of his or her diet, ace-inhibitor and beta-blocking medications are life-saving to help improve the pumping function of the heart.

I think it's great to promote diet to treat heart disease, and I agree that a healthy diet is better than a medicine cabinet full of pills. But I think we need to be careful in how we relay this message.

p.s. I think the music is cheezy and distracting from his message.


"Medicine man" means doctor. "Plant-Only" is a term we use for a vegan diet, but it doesn't mean Dr. Klaper somehow limits his use of prescriptions. He doesn't say that in the video and in fact praises the use of some drugs there. As for the cheesy music -- don't worry, it's vegan cheese.


Thrilled that Dr Klaper will be a speaker at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo in LA in a couple weeks. He's been away from LA too long, and many can benefit from his wisdom.


I totally agree with Jeff Nelson's comments to VeganHeartDoc. Dr.Klaper I know will only use drugs if absolutely necessary. I personally have nothing but highest respect for Dr. Klaper. I have met and listened to him speak at veggie conferences and also had dealings with him as part of his Vegan Health Study. My only problem is, there should be more docs like him. You go Dr. Klapper!!!


Love you Dr Klaper! I found your comments very inspirational!


I like what this fellow has to say for the most part but I wish doctors (including Neal Barnard) would stop automatically linking the words "fat" and "sick" all the time. Its possible to be what's considered overweight in our society and have no illness or disease whatsoever. At the same time, its possible to look slim and still have heart disease and other serious illness (for an example see the patient in CNN's "The Last Heart Attach" with Sanjay Gupta). Doctors and health care professionals should know better than to judge by appearance.

When the plant-based diet becomes all about health rather than about aesthetics we will all be better off.


Jennifer, it's true many slender people who eat animal foods actualy have diseases brewing in their bodies. But when someone is overweight, that will put pressure on their joints, their heart, slow their blood pressure, etc. It is not at all about aesthetics, it IS about health. Excess weight will eventually cause health issues.


All I can say is WOW!! Dr Klaper is my kind of guy. This video is what everyone with a computer should watch. Awesome, awesome!!

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