Watch Dr. Esselstyn Tonight on CNN (VIDEO)


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Patients who follow Dr. Esselstyn's diet have the same great results as those in his studies -- they reverse their heart disease and get off medications.

8 pm Sunday August 21 -- tune in!




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I have been following, very closely, the plant whole foods nutrition way and trying to get to grips with it at a scientific level - with as modicum of success!
One of the fascinating leads I have been following is the place of the human antigen Neu5GC, found in many animal meats and milk, in ill-health.
One of the most interesting research reports I have found is here;
"Evidence for a novel human-specific xeno-auto-antibody response against vascular endothelium" copyright by The American Society of Hematology.

From their discussion - "Taken together, these findings suggest a mechanism whereby anti-Neu5Gc antibodies can initiate, perpetuate, and/or exacerbate an inflammatory response at the endothelium, potentially playing a role in disease states such as atherosclerosis, wherein vascular inflammation is involved. Neu5Gc is a novel dietary and human-specific “xeno-auto-antigen” that may exacerbate a variety of vascular pathologies. Diets recommended by the US Department of Agriculture lead one to ingest approximately 10 mg of Neu5Gc per day.8 The primary dietary sources appear to be red meat (lamb, pork, and beef) and milk products, with Neu5Gc being conspicuously low in poultry and fish and absent from plants. Thus, long-term Neu5Gc intake and metabolic incorporation can explain our immunohistochemical finding of a strong Neu5Gc signal in the endothelial lining of blood vessels of human tissues."
Thanks, charles

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