Fast Food Shopping with Jeff Novick (VIDEO)


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UPDATE: The video below is now the FULL shopping segment of Jeff talking about the ingredients he uses in his FAST FOOD DVD -- approx 15 minutes.

Jeff's DVD FAST FOOD provides quick, easy and tasty tricks to lose weight, get healthy, and save money while you're doing it.

You'll never be without something yummy in your fridge.

Take Jeff's advice and learn which basic ingredients to keep in stock: canned no-salt-added beans and tomatoes, plenty of frozen veggies and fruit, and lots of potatoes and brown rice. Then eat all you want, get to your ideal weight, and stay happy and satisfied at your goal weight.

Enjoy shopping tips from Jeff Novick, SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO:





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That's right--the simpler the better! No more excuses, doesn't have to be hard! I've survived 26 yrs as a vegan w/o liking to cook! I eat a ton of raw & my cooked items are very very simple. My motto is "If it takes longer to make than to eat, I don't make it!" ;-) ;-)


Jeff is not discriminating when he picks out groceries most of which he shows is GMO


Yes, organic is ideal. In this lesson, tho, Jeff is helping people on a tight budget or people who feel lost as to how to do it or want to jump in fast & want it to be's a way to get them to do basic simple vegan & then they can take additional steps later, from there, if they choose to. He's offering an alternative to fast food joints & anything plant-based is better than greasy huge dble cheeseburgers.


I agree. Good job Jeff. Your way is so much more healthy in comparison to what those people were eating before. People can always take it further if they choose to. We all know the way Americans eat is one of the worse and most unhealthy.


Good observation you make there VeganMarr, your right, Jeff is doing this country a service, we need more people like him.


I bought Jeff Novick's "Fast Food" video and have used the recipes that are demonstrated. They're very easy and that was important because I don't enjoy cooking. Great video!


Jeff, you're terrific about spreading the word on how to eat healthy. Now ditch the plastic bags; they are bad news.


I am very surprised to see Jeff purchasing processed 'quick boil' brown rice!

What ever happened to cooking your brown rice the old fashioned way...then freezing it (for ready made meals) and then boiling it?

I used Success boil-n-bag rice many years ago before I knew any better...these days I wouldn't get within 500 feet of it!


Are you aware of the BPA in the lining of canned foods?


There are a number of companies producing BPA-free foods, including POMI tomatoes and Eden Foods beans. Where BPA is of greatest concern, from what I've read, is in baby bottles and infant exposure. BPA exposure on Jeff Novick's Fast Food is minimal to non-existent.


I use the Pomi tomatoes I didn't know that Eden Foods canned foods were safe. I do know that one of the greatest concers with the cans is canned tomatoes. It seems that the acid from the tomatoes pulls out the toxins of the cans into them. So those cans of tomatoes are highly full BPA.


I just think if you are saying that you are teaching people to eat "healthy" you would not include unhealthy foods like anything GMO or laced with BPA. Either that or change the "I'm trying to teach people to eat healthy" to "I'm teaching people to eat cheap non-animal meals". I understand that some healthy alternatives are more expensive, however the small expenses seem a wiser choice to save a larger expense with your health and your medical expenses.


No, we are teaching people to eat healthy. This is the same program used at Sacramento Food Bank, e.g. see:

These people have gotten off medications, reversed diabetes and autoimmune diseases. We didn't do this by teaching them to focus on BPA or organic foods, but on healthy plant-based foods.

Can you show me some studies that track the health improvements of people who went on a 100% BPA-free diet? Also, can you show me studies that show the tangible health improvements and disease reversal by people who moved from non-organic to organic foods?

Of course, there are good reasons for choosing organic when possible. But this is not the key for improving people's health generally, not at all. If you have studies that show otherwise, please post links.


I did some research and found that it is very difficult to find studies on BPA or GMO. Imagine that our government and all the organizations protecting us for some reason doesn't want to admit to the dangerous things they are putting into our food supply. However we already know that BPA causes cancer therefore anything containing it is not "healthy". I mentioned nothing of organic although I do recommend organic I understand that many people cannot afford to go all organic. My mention was on GMO foods. Are you suggesting that GMO foods are healthy or not dangerous?? My point is there is noting "healthy" with BPA & GMO. Every thing else that you are doing I think is great. I cannot and would not ever include BPA or GMO and healthy.

study of the dangers of GMO


So are you saying that the individuals at the Sacramento Food Bank who lost weight and reversed their disease, got off their medications -- they are not healthy?

The Fast Food program teaches principles which can be applied in many ways. If you would like to do so in a way that uses no BPA or GMO (which aren't encouraged) and you feel healthier, then we encourage you to do so.

But the evidence is abundant that the above program is not only healthy, but very effective, as is being proven out and documented in many programs, and in over 30 years of published evidence.


If the people who lost weight and reversed their disease are consuming products that contain BPA & GMO's then yes I am suggesting they are not healthy. These product will damage them in ways that may not show up for years to come.
One can seem healthy in every way and yet if they choose to light up a smoke from time to time this would still not make them healthy. Ingesting harmful chemicals and genetically manipulated items is not healthy no matter how healthy everything else that one is doing.
I cannot imagine why anyone that is truly concerned with others health would argue for the use of BPA & GMO laced foods. Once again I ask (you have not answered) Are you suggesting that there are no health concerns with consuming BPA & GMO product??


Can you prove that the foods Jeff Novick has recommended are BPA-laced and that any of the individuals in the programs he teaches have been damaged as a result?

Can you tell me with certainty how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Moonlit: I realize that there is a lot of speculation about BPA and GMO, which is why you couldn't find any significant studies -- though there is suggestive evidence out there which is cause for some concern. I personally try to avoid them without becoming a nutjob about it or a one-man anti-BPA show.

That's because it seems to me you run the risk of engaging in not-seeing-the-forest-for-the-trees thinking, if you are trying to give people so many things to think about and check that they end up saying, "This is too hard or too expensive or too time-consuming," and they just keep eating Big Macs.

To you, perhaps, it's a zero sum game: if someone isn't willing to become obsessively vigilant about GMO or BPA issues, then it is not worth it for them to adopt a healthy plant-strong diet and lose weight and reverse diabetes, autoimmune diseases and the rest. Because hey, if they drink from a plastic water bottle they are just going to die a terrible cancer death from BPA decades from now, according to you.

That's fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But your contention that the people in the food bank are not healthy after having dramatically changed their diet and reversed a disease -- is rather ludicrous. I can't agree with you.

Let me know when you have your own program which has been tested over decades and shown success. Until then, I'm sticking with Jeff Novick. :)



I'm just a little confused as to why Jeff uses processed SUCCESS 'boil-in-bag' brown rice?
That's really no different than using Uncle Ben's or some other denatured boxed rice.

Unless I am totally missing the proverbial boat...I would like to know the reason for this choice as opposed to cooking brown rice the old fashioned way?

Looking forward to your response.


Thanks for the comment.

A few points.

>>I'm just a little confused as to why Jeff uses processed SUCCESS 'boil-in-bag' brown rice?

The instant brown rice is offered as an option. If you watch the DVD you would learn that I am teaching a principle here with some guidelines to follow. There are no hard and steadfast rules but ways to implement the guidelines based on what may be most important to the person at hand. So, the options vary and usually vary between convenience vs time vs cost. Cooking up large batches of whole grain brown rice is one of the options. Using quick cooking brown rice is an other.

>>>That's really no different than using Uncle Ben's or some other denatured boxed rice.

This is not true. The instant rice in the product I show is actually 100% Whole Grain Brown rice. It contains all the bran, germ and endosperm. The only thing that has been done to it is that the 100% whole grain brown rice has been steamed and then dried. Then, all that has to be done at home, is to quickly cook it and rehydrate/reconstitute it. All rolled oats are also pre-steamed, rolled and then dried for convenience. We are just rehydrating/reconstituting them at home.

>>>.I would like to know the reason for this choice as opposed to cooking brown rice the old fashioned way?

Again, it is an option to be considered which people can choose based on time vs convenience vs cost. I show all the spectrums and then you get to decide.

Remember, some of the biggest reasons people give in why they do not eat healthy is time, convenience, simplicity and know bow. This takes care of all of those objections and all they have to know how to do is boil water. :)


I have Jeff Novick’s Fast Food DVD and I love it. It does an excellent job of showing that you can make easy, fast, cheap meals that are healthy. I’m a Registered Dietitian and work in Sacramento at the WIC Program (federal Supplemental Food Program for low-income women, infants, and children under the age of 5). Many of our clients are overweight yet undernourished. They eat a lot of fast food because it’s cheaper and more easily accessible. In low-income neighborhoods, many have difficulties getting regular fruits and vegetables, let alone organic ones. And Pomi tomatoes and Eden Foods? You’ve got to be kidding. And planning ahead for meals so you can have brown rice prepared and frozen? That’s often beyond the scope of people who are living in survival mode or working two or more jobs just to keep food on the table. Even a lot of people who have good incomes are living such busy lives that hitting a drive-through on the way home from work becomes a way of life.

Jeff’s video shows that there’s a healthy alternative to the normal standard American fast-food fare. Would it be better if we could all buy organic, BPA-free foods? Of course! But that’s not realistic. Not everyone has the time nor the means, nor can we always find them if we did. It can be a long road between a bad diet and an ideal one and just because someone can’t jump all the way from one to the other doesn’t mean they aren’t better off by making some steps in the right direction. If my clients would eat meals in Jeff’s fast food way even a few days a week, it would be a major improvement in their diets.

So thanks, Jeff, for your efforts to help educate us on our way to better health, even though not all of us are there yet 100%. Keep it up. I’ll buy every video you put out. BTW, I noticed that Fast Food is listed as Volume 1. When will there be a Volume 2?


Thanks for all the excellent comments and discussions.

For those who have not seen the DVD, most all these issues that are being raised are covered in the DVD.

While the DVD and the program in it are designed to specifically address the major reasons why people do not eat and live healthy, it also addresses most of the other issues being raised.

Let's remember, there are some very simple reasons why most Americans are sick and dying prematurely. And, these are not whether they are eating organic apples or not. Or GMO free apples or not. Yes, these account for over 90% of the deaths from heart disease, diabetes, stroke and up to 70% of the deaths from cancer and put all together, can help eliminate about 70% of premature death.

And the real irony is that many studies and surveys over the last 10 years have shown that less than 5% of Americans follow the 5 basic criteria of a healthy lifestyle and only 0.5% follow the 4 basic criteria of a healthy diet. Yet, 57% of them, when asked, say they follow a healthy diet. Think about that. Do you really think their primary concern is BPA? In 20 years and over 20K patients, I have never had one suffering from the ravages of BPA, but many who are dying prematurely because they do not understand or follow the basic principles of healthy living and a healthy diet.

There is something called "triage" which is the prioritizing of ones efforts. Granted, we can all list several hundred things we should be worried about that may in one way or another, contribute to our ill health. Heck many people even think using technology and electrical appliances (like computers) is toxic.

So, do we try and fight them all at once, or just give up and so its no use? Or, as we do with everything else in our lives, do we prioritize our efforts to go against those that are having the biggest impact first. After all, if you are in a car accident and are taken to the emergency room and have a cut artery, a punctured lung, a fractured pelvis and a broken ankle, which should they take care of first? Granted, the sooner they get to any of them, the better the results but which do you want them to get to first? If they do not go for the cut artery first, they rest will not matter as you will soon be dead. A fractured pelvis or a broken ankle matters little to a dead person :)

American is drowning in the ocean of bad diets and lifestyle. We need to get them safely to shore, dry them out, get them up and going and then worry about any fine details. However, if we spend out time arguing about whether the life-vest we are going to give them is made from 100% organic recyclable material or not, they will die in the ocean of bad habits. As someone recently said during the health care debates, much of what people are arguing over is the equivalent of re-arranging the deck chair on the titanic. This is no different.

However, for those who find that issues like organics, GMO and BPA are important to them, it so happens we cover ALL of those issues in the DVD and give people options on how to avoid all of them if they so desire.



I agree with Jeff(both of them) totally! I have been dabbling with the McDougall way of eating for YEARS! I have only recently went to eating McDougall way this summer. I eat better, feel better, and know in my own conscience that I am eating the right way for me. I try to make my meals as simple as possible. I eat the Success boil in a bag brown rice everyday for lunch and dinner and sometimes throw in frozen or canned veggies and beans. It is simple and easy for me to fix on my lunch hour and has to be better than lunchmeat and chips. The easier the better for me. In the past I have found myself trying to comply with everything (organic, etc). But I have found it is near impossible sometimes. My parents are meat eaters and when I visit them my mother shows love by feeding us (LOTS). I sometimes have to eat a white bread tomato sandwich. I try to fix most things the McDougall way 99% of the time, but when in a bind (one meal a week) I compromise and then get back to McDougall way of eating at my next meal. I have found it easier to stick with the right way of eating this time and try not to give up by getting caught up in the little things. I feel that my body is getting what it needs more now than when I was eating fat and meat before.


This guy is really doing a disservice to healthy eating - since when are frozen foods, instant foods, precooked (in the bag) foods, canned foods foods out of season and microwaved meals healthy?!
He may be a very nice chap but I hope not too many take his comments seriously. And is cooking such an unpleasant task that all meals have to be cooked in 10 minutes? Doesn't anyone out there enjoy cooking?!


Since when are frozen foods not healthy? Please supply links to any studies which back up your opinion. I don't believe Jeff Novick uses a microwave in his "Fast Food" DVD, but if he did, so what?

"This chap" is probably the top dietitian on the planet, and a central part of the brain trust behind successful disease-reversal plant-based programs like Pritikin, McDougall, Engine 2, Meals For Health and the new Whole Foods Wellness Clubs. So the guy definitely knows about healthy eating, and has thousands of case studies to prove it.

Is cooking such an unpleasant task? Apparently since such a tiny percentage of the population cooks with any regularity, yes. Most people have to work and do not have time for lengthy meal preparation which is why fast food, takeout, pre-made meals are so popular, and a big part of why there is so much obesity.

So when you claim Jeff Novick is doing a disservice -- you are completely mistaken.


I originally followed Nathan Pritikin in the late 70s and his diet changed my life.

I have now read every McDougal and Esselstyn and Campbell piece I could get my hands on and many original, academic studies.

I compete, at age 58, at very high levels in ironman distance triathlons and bicycling events and have the endurance and physique of a man of 30. This, despite the fact that all of my relatives are fat, sick, or already dead.

When people ask how I do it, I say two things. One, diet is the most important aspect. Two, if you want a practical, easy, hands-on approach, watch the Jeff Novick Videos.

Don't be fooled by side issues of little to no importance. This man is the BEST!


Hello All,

I really appreciate the recent posting by Henry.

I leaped into the Vegan lifestyle with both feet last December due to a high BP condition. I made a firm commitment to "reverse" this malady and transition into a lifetsyle where health and wellness is priority #1.

During this period, I had an opportunity to meet with a highly regarded Vegan M.D. in Northern California, who recommended that I lose weight and continue eating a plant-based diet.

I immediately eliminated poultry, sea food, fish, oils, avocados, eggs, dairy, SALT, fruit juices, white flour products and processed foods.

The weight began to melt off of my small frame and in less than 6 months I was down 25 lbs! In addition to the extreme weight loss (too much I'm told), I experienced low energy levels and felt absolutely miserable! I eventually reintroduced avocados, nuts and olive oil back into my diet.

I enjoy cooking, so I have been diligent about healthy and consistent food preparation. I also include 'green smoothies' and tons of veggies and fruits.

However, I am still struggling with high BP in spite of diet, exercise and sufficient rest.

I too have read Esslystn, McDougall and Campbell's "The China Study", but such powerful health breakthroughs can begin to overwhelm with so many varying expert opinions and theories.

My question is directed to Henry and those forum participants who have found total success utilizing a plant-based lifestyle to TRANSFORM their health and overall physical well being...especially those of you who have overcome health maladies such as Diabestes 2, Hypertension and so forth.

I still have not been able to give up my BP medication (i.e. Amlodipine-2.5 mg.)

It's been a frustrating journey and so far, I have simply not experienced any positive changes in the way I feel and especially with regard to my BP.

If anyone out there can offer advice and/or suggestions that can/will help me turn this around, I would be extremely grateful.

If Jeff is available to respond, that would be awesome.

Thanks everyone!


Visit this website:

And you can personally ask Jeff Novick through the forum.


Is there any danger to boiling the plastic when eating boil in bag rice?


If you think there is any concerns, you can remove the rice from the bag and just cook it in water for 10 minutes and then drain.



Most of people won't do it, since it's faster to boil it in a plastic bag, but I always cook it like JNovickRD described


I think his ways are extremely beneficial for people who are concerned about keeping their health in a good state all year long. We should always read the nutrition table.


CNN had a story about this.

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