Raw diet heavy in greens is key to gorilla slimness and health


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The New York Times recently published an article asserting that a high protein intake -- similar, they say, to the Atkins diet -- is the reason gorillas in the wild are thin and in good health.


Yep, you read that right: the New York Times is using gorilla nutrition to try to promote the Atkins diet.

The Atkins diet is of course high in eggs, meat, dairy, bacon and other cholesterol-laden foods, while low on carbs. It's your basic garbage nonsense diet designed to lose weight fast and put you into an early grave -- Atkins himself died at the age of 72, weighing 258 pounds, at 6 feet tall.

So what kind of Atkins Diet are gorillas eating?  

Gorillas are folivores - an herbivore that specializes in eating leaves. They eat a diet that is predominantly leaves and vegetative matter, although they also eat smaller amounts of fruits, roots, and insects (i.e., about 3% of their diet is termites).

In other words, gorillas in the wild suffer from no obesity or health problems - because they eat a very lowfat, essentially raw food diet, emphasizing leafy greens.

This is not a surprise, nor is it an Atkins diet.  It is high in protein because of the obvious high protein content of greens. Spinach is 49 percent protein, kale is 45 percent protein, broccoli is 45 percent protein, lettuce is 34 percent protein, Chinese cabbage is 34 percent protein, and so forth. 

So is the New York Times telling Atkins to make his diet a raw food diet?  Here's what the New York Times says:

During certain times of the year, when fruits are not available, protein-rich leaves dominate the gorilla’s diet, the report found. About 31 percent of the total energy intake is protein during these times. This is similar to the protein content in high-protein weight-loss regimens like the Atkins diet...

Modern societies “are diluting the concentration of protein in the modern diet,” Dr. Raubenheimer said. “But we eat to get the same amount of proteins we needed before, and in so doing, we’re overeating.”

The article is written by someone who is mesmerized by the meat industry propaganda about protein, taught to children starting in grade school.

According to the World Health Organization, human requirement for protein is about 2.5 percent of calories, so they set the minimum, just to be safe, at 5 percent. 

The myth of the necessity or even usefulness of protein is exposed when you see what the protein needs of humans are during the period of most growth - infancy.  Breast milk is only 6 percent protein.  So the idea in the New York Times that apes or humans actually require 31 percent of their diet as protein, and that we are eating ourselves to death in order to get that much required protein - is utterly ridiculous.

The take home message of the report on gorillas, as it may apply to humans, is to eat a plant-based diet and include plenty of green leafy foods.  That will lead you to slimness and health, not Atkins.

vegetarian_protein2.jpgProtein is the mantra of the brainwashed: Where do you get your protein? the indoctrinated ask.

The medical term for protein deficiency is -- oh wait, there is no medical term for it. Because it's never diagnosed.

How would you even test for a protein deficiency? The only way to tell if you are protein deficient -- is if you are staving. Starvation means you are simply not eating enough calories, and thus you aren't getting enough protein (or carbs or fat...or anything).

The moral? The protein pushers are insidious, and can't even acknowledge that a very close relative of humans is thriving magnificently on a healthy plant-strong diet which is 97% vegan.


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