Meals For Health -- Success Stories! (VIDEO)


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Would you like to learn how the Meals For Health participants benefited wildly by adopting Dr. McDougall's starch-based vegan diet?

Keep reading.

The Meals For Health party this past Sunday in Beverly Hills was an amazing evening in every way!

The people, the food, the drinks, the talks -- the dancing until the cops shut us down! (seriously!)

But the high point of the evening, everyone agreed, was when a half dozen people from the food bank stood up before the nearly 200 in the audience, and told their stories.

Ready to be inspired?



Help EarthSave grow this program to other cities. To make a donation to Meals For Health, CLICK HERE.


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All the vegan doctors, authors, experts, have long witnessed big health changes when people go vegan. But it seems that with this group it was even faster & more profound. Just amazing, and exciting.
The pilot run of the Meals for Health program couldnt be more of a resounding success. What a great guiding light to lead this program onward! Please share this video w/others, and please donate to EarthSave to help keep the program growing.


I am vegan since October of 2007 and I have accomplished:

1) I lost a lot of extra weight:
2) I got rid of my medicine for blood pressure:
3) Solved embarrassing "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" digestion problem;
4) Reduced statins pills;
5) Reversed CAD
6) And now a good result in a colonoscopy (I promise to ask more questions to the colonoscopy doctors to see how much percentage of this last benefit came from the Vegan diet).

I am a heavy user of Vegansource site and specially of the part of Dr. Pinckney heart problems about discussion group.

I have had many good things from Vegsource !
I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but my heart is with you all times.

About Meals for Health I loved the testimonials of the recent graduates! Good results also from that group that inspire me a lot more.
Congratulations Jeff, Sabrina and all of you!


We've been eating a low-fat whole foods 100% plant based diet for over 25 years. A few years ago when my husband went to the doctor for a check up, the doctor looked at his test results and said "If all of my patient's numbers were as good as yours, I'd be out of a job!"

Likewise, the optometrist recently told him that he has zero sign of cataracts or glaucoma, even though they are common among older people eating animal products.

When I was in my 20s, we still ate lots of animal products and I was showing signs of high blood pressure. Now, despite my family & personal history of high blood pressure, without any medication, mine is normally 110 over 70.


I have been a happy vegan since 1991 (Thank you Dr McDougall) along with two of my adult children. Three of my grandchildren have been vegan since birth and are now healthy, tall teenagers. I am so proud of them. Becoming vegan was the best decision of my life. In my age group, I am one of the few who does not have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes (or pre-diabetic) or any other diseases. Even my arthritic joints (from injury) give me little trouble. Try a plant based diet (not french fries LOL) for two weeks and you will feel 20 years younger. A true fountain of youth.


This is all very good, but I am sitting here at the other end of the country and get all the rave about local activities. Please bring this effort to all parts of the country.
Also, I wanted to join Earthsave but there is no more chapter in Metro New York. What happened? The LI chapter is about 3 hours away from us.


Everyday clients who have switched to a plant-based diet tell me remarkable stories about how their health has improved. Thanks to John McDougall I discovered that I could eat healthy, love the food and lose over 100 pounds. I hope that we get Meals For Health programs here in Puget Sound.


Maybe you could initiate it!


Actually Deborah I have been talking with some folks about that idea for several months. I hope one day it will happen!


I am in the vegan/VLF for almost 4 years. My blood test is OK regarding nutrients. My plates are allways multi colors and I eat of everything that is plant based. My family was afraid I could be having lack of B12, etc. Here are the results:

Glucated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
5.1% Hb = otal
Reference values: 4.0 to 6.0% total Hb.
94 mg / dL
Reference values: = 70 to 99 g / dL
248 micromol / L
Reference Values: 205 to 285 micromol / L
113 mcg / dL
Reference Values: Male - 59 to 160 = cg / dL
9.6 mg / dL
Reference Values: Adults - = 8.4 to 10.2 g / dL
136 mEq / L
Reference Values: 136-145 = Eq / L
3.7 mEq / L
Reference Values: Adults - 3.5 to 5.3 mEq / L
2.0 mg / dL
Method: = olorimetrico
Reference Values: Above 20 years - from 1.6 to 2.6 = g / dL
82.4 ng / mL
Reference Values: Men - 24 to 336 = g / mL
Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase
14.0 U / L
Reference Values: Male - Up = 60.0 / L
> 20:00 ng / mL
Reference Values: Normal - Up = 3.56 g / mL
Vitamin B12 = / H1>
367 pg / mL
Reference Values: 180 to 914 = g / mL
Lipid Profile
107 mg / dL
Reference Values:
Adults: Ideal = - Less than 200 mg / dL
52 mg / dL
Reference Values:
Adults: Ideal = - Less than 150 mg / dL
54 mg / dL
Above 19 years - greater than or equal to 40 mg / dL
Cholesterol - LDL 35 mg / dL
Reference Values: Ideal -Inferior = 100 mg / dL
Cholesterol - VLDL
10 mg / dL
Reference Values: Ideal - = Less than 0 mg / dL
Bordering - 30 to 40 mg / dL
45 mg / dL
Recommended value for non-HDL cholesterol in ancient = high risk and
= very high for CAD:
High risk: Less than 130 = g / dL
With very high risk: Less than 100 mg / dL
4.0 MCU / mL
Values ​​= Reference:
For individuals with glucose until = 99 g / dL:
Body Mass Index up to 25: 2 to 13 = Cu / ml
Body Mass Index between 25 and 30: 2 to 19 = Cu / ml
Body Mass Index above 30: 2 to 23 = Cu / ml
C-reactive protein ultrasensitive
0.08 mg / dL
Reference Values:
= For Testing of inflammatory / infectious diseases: Less than = 0.50 g / dL
For cardiovascular risk assessment: Less than = 0.30 g / dL


Thanks for all these inspiring stories. Please bring more to this website! There is no vegan community where I live (in beef country Alberta) and its nice to connect and hear others' stories.

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