Forgive To Win - How Forgiveness and Service To Others Creates Success


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Psychiatrist (and VegSource blogger) Walter Jacobson MD has a new book, entitled Forgive to Win!

The premise of Forgive to Win is that through acceptance, forgiveness, love, and being of service to others, we eliminate self-sabotage and mobilize our subconscious mind to attract positive, synergistic people, and circumstances for our self-fulfillment.

The great thing about the book is that while applying a self-actualizing solution which will enable you to achieve the life you desire, you will be role modeling for other people and moving the world towards a place of universal peace and global prosperity.

VegSource highly recommends Forgive to Win!  You can get a copy by CLICKING HERE.




To order a copy of FORGIVE TO WIN, Click Here.



Forgive to Win! is one of the most to the point and take responsibility books I’ve read. There is a purpose to every word and it hits you and uplifts you at the same time  -and it’s a quick read. Forgiveness has many nuances, yet at the core “Forgive to Win” allows you to feel pain and hurt, yet that we can take ownership of what comes next and choose to move forward. It is a choice that has literally changed my life’s direction. I used to think artists, and writers, and actors etc. were the people I said “lived on the other side of the line.” I was afraid to step over it. At 52 I am now a selling pop photoartist and about to assist a theater with their playwrights reading series. Dr. Jacobson has a message that works! Like he says, just give it 90 days and see what can happen. I’m proof, and it can happen for you too!” ~ Kimberley Joy Ferren

“I read your book last night and I honestly say to you that it is excellent. Your writing is fantastic and the way you organized the concept and your ideas works really well.” ~ James Gierman

“Just finished your wonderful book on forgiveness. Tremendous. Such a hard topic to tackle. I really was impressed by your tool, The Forgiveness Diet. I am 73 years old and I agree that forgiveness is a process needed throughout the day just like sensible meals.” ~ Barbara Hall

forgive_to_win300.jpg“My mother read the book, and last week I brought her and my sister together for the first time in 3 years. It was a a lot of factors that worked, and I’m sure your book was one of them. Thank you, and continued success!” ~ Jacqueline Dunn

“My work neighbor just picked up your book from our waiting room while he waited for me to make some courtesy copies for him. He LOVES it.. borrowed it. I found him reading it in his office. His entire office is buzzing about your book. They are all impressed and amazed at the content and help. Keep up the good work.” ~ Cindy Kotler

AMAZON BOOK REVIEW  by Todd Rutherford

Forgive to Win! by Walter E. Jacobson, M.D. is a book of self-help and self-discovery reminiscent of best-selling books like The Secret and The Power of Now. While those books are excellent, Forgive to Win! takes self-help to a whole new level by showing individuals just how to apply its principles into their daily lives—for amazing results.

Dr. Jacobson proposes the Forgiveness Diet, a ninety day regimen that focuses on forgiveness through one’s, “thoughts, actions, and exercises designed to establish new thought-emotion behavior habits of esteeming, accepting, forgiving and being of service to others.

Dr. Jacobson theorizes that there is something in the subconscious that blocks individuals from achieving their goals. The only way to achieve success, according to this remarkable author, is through inner peace and contentment. An interesting point that Dr. Jacobson makes is that we are naturally prone to resistance. He states, “We resist. We don’t follow direction. We don’t follow through. We allow ourselves to be distracted and derailed.”

Whether it’s a painful event from our past or an individual that has caused us pain, we become conditioned to subconsciously believe that we cannot overcome. We become defeatists. Human tendency is to say things such as, “There’s no point in trying.” “It will never work.” In other words, humans “self-loathe,” and are quite adept at self-destructive behavior, and it directly affects relationships, job opportunities, and ultimately the ability achieve success.

The solution: the 90-day Forgiveness Diet—a structured program that will de-condition and build positive habits through forgiveness and the ability to let go. The process from negativity to a positive mindset is a rigorous reparation process. The end result is to ensure that “our subconscious mind gets the message  that we are worthy of reward instead of punishment.”

The Forgiveness Diet regimen includes activities such as “Forgiveness Mantras,” “Forgiveness Inventory,” “Gratitude List,” “Forgiveness Affirmations,” “Dream Programming,” and “Rating Scales.” The most important thing that Jacobson emphasizes is that one’s thoughts, behaviors, and emotions will not change overnight. In fact, there will be good days and bad days, but the point is to keep applying the principles of the Forgiveness Diet in order to realize a positive end result.

For those seeking to change their lifestyles for the better, to reach goals, and to see success on every level, Forgive to Win! has the power to transform and is a must-read!


To order a copy of FORGIVE TO WIN, Click Here.


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