Study: If you eat a high calcium diet, you increase your risk of osteoporosis and fracture


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Boy it looks like you only need to eat a minimal amount of calcium each day, like in a normal plant-strong diet, to get all the calcium needed. And if you eat a high calcium diet, watch out!  According to this new study, your risk of getting a hip fracture is highest for those consuming the most calcium.

So there you go: milk consumption doesn't protect against osteoporosis.  But don't wait for the dairy industry ads to admit it.

Click to view study abstract.

Read the whole story here.


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This is a message to the writer of the (brief) article. The statement "milk causes osteoporosis" isn't supported by the article, as much as I can tell, and the statement about the highest risk of hip fractures at the highest calcium levels is a very weak statement, and would not be a very strong conclusion based on this paper. Now, just so you know, I am an MD who is vegan and eats very little oil, so I am by no means antagonistic to a healthy vegan diet. I have also recommended such a diet to a number of people. However, just like people in the dairy or pharmaceutical industries make broad statements that aren't fully supported by the evidence, it is apparent that people who support healthy diets can also do the same, as evidenced by the comments I mentioned. I write this because I think if we all are going to go towards a common understanding of the science, it would be prudent to actually stay within the bounds of what we can say with any strength. I hope this is clear.


Point well taken. Have changed it to read "milk consumption doesn't protect against osteoporosis."

The operative part of this study: "The highest quintile of calcium intake did not further reduce the risk of fractures of any type, or of osteoporosis, but was associated with a higher rate of hip fracture, hazard ratio 1.19 (1.06 to 1.32)."



Thanks- that makes me smile :) Being in the medical field, I sometimes find that valid points are dismissed because people overstate their case. In other words, if we (and I do include myself in this) want to promote good dietary habits, and that means giving up animal products, we sometimes have to be even that much more careful in what we say because it can be criticized by those who don't want to hear the message.

Cheers back at you :)


This is a good discussion. My Mother lived to age 95 yr
Before I gained wisdom about milk, and when she was a little younger in age, I would suggest that she drink more milk so if she fell she would not have a hip fracture as so many older people suffer from.
She told me over and over that she really never liked milk even as a young girl and was not going to start drinking it now.
Well, my Mother fell many times as she approached 95yr and got some nasty back and blue marks but never any fractures.
I finally came to realize how wise my Mother was.
The dairy industry and their big national promoters have been lying to us for many years about how to grow strong bones by drinking more milk.
I stopped all milk when I first heard a lecture by Dr. Esselstyn.
Many people listen but do not hear.

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