International Vegan Festival, June 2011, Spain

IVU Online News | International Vegetarian Union | 04/21/11

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Francisco Martin is a well-known name among veg activists worldwide. He is also the organiser of the 13th International Vegan Festival, to be held from Saturday 4 June to Sunday 12 June 2011 at Hotel Elimar, Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga) Spain

Francisco kindly took time to answer a few questions about the upcoming event.

How often is the International Vegan Festival held? Where were the last two?

The International Vegan Festival is held every two years. The 11th International Vegan Festival was held in Karnataka, India in 2007, and the last one or 12th International Vegan Festival was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil in 2009.

Why did you choose Malaga as the location for the festival?

In 2006, we held a regional vegetarian/vegan event at the same venue and liked the location. Furthermore, as an attractive tourist destination, Málaga itself justifies holding such an international event there. It is of particular interest to vegans who enjoy the juicy mangos and tasty avocados and fruits that grow in the region.

Please tell us a bit about who will be speaking at the festival?

Participants and representatives of international vegetarian/vegan societies will be attending and speaking at the Festival, such as Dr. Susianto Tseng, president of Vegan Society of Indonesia and IVU Coordinator for Asia-Pacific; Marly Winckler, IVU Coordinator for Latin America and organiser of the last IVF in Brasil; Stephen Walsh, author of Plant Based Nutrition and Health; John Davis, IVU Manager and Historian; David Roman, president Spanish Vegetarian Union; etc., as well as other activists and campaigners working for animal rights, education, ethics, nutrition and the law.

Aside from the usual talks, workshops and panel discussions, what kind of fun events will there be?

Besides addressing all relevant vegan issues, the Festival offers a varied entertainment programme ranging from a jazz quartet and flamenco guitar to circle dancing and singing, theatrical performance, walks on the seashore, local excursions as well as pre and post festival tours to Doñana National Park, Seville and other places of interest.

Is it still possible to register and book a room for the Festival?

Yes, the Festival is just one and a half months away, and participants are advised to register and book their single or double accommodation for their length of stay as soon as they possibly can.

Last, but not least, what about the food at the festival?

The food of course will be vegan and since our last vegan event at the hotel in 2006, the cooks made good use of the vegan books given to them, and they fully understand how to cater to vegan needs. We also have vegan food suppliers - Suryaenterprise S.L. who will deliver food to our Festival; so, please come to the 13th International Vegan Festival to experience the warmth, charm, taste and feel of Southern Spain.

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