Joel Furman MD -- Cancer prevention diet (VIDEO)


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Can a new diet actually prevent cancer?

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a family physician and the author of the popular "Eat to Live" diet book, says his can. He claims that using his plan, people "can get dramatic reductions in cancer."

Fox NY 5's Dr. Sapna Parikh investigated whether medical science backs Fuhrman's claims.

Dr. Parikh says there is no disputing the fact that a low-fat diet that is high in vegetables is good for overall health, but is calling it an anti-cancer diet oversimplifying?

But Fuhrman says his top five foods, which he calls his "GOMBS" list, can keep cancer away.




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Of course an oncologist isn't going to say diet affects risk. They usually don't know about proper nutrition & they also only make money when people are sick.

Thanks to Dr Fuhrman for the great info.

It was a pretty balanced piece, which, when it comes to plant-based diet, is often rare in the media. So, thanks also to Fox NY5. :-)

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