Japan radioactivity could enter food chain, kids at risk


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Radiation in the soil...into the grass...into the livestock...

Duct tape the windows and cracks under doors, if you're in Japan.  So say the experts.




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Thanks to GE for their Mark 1 which was not consider safe in the early 1970's and which in the 1980's was put at a 90% risk of loosing containment if cooling was lost.
Look at the maps of what happened with Chernobyl and soil contamination. Thankfull we have a big ocean to fill with glow-in-the-dark fish before it gets over here. Still, this isn't a Chernobyl style nuke and it's very unlikely to undergo explosive ejection of core material. But it's a hell of a lot bigger and with all of that spent fuel exposed and as long as there isn't cooling each reactor and spent fuel tank is going to burn and spew.
Our choice of nuclear power is one we're going to live with, and fear, for a few more 10's of thousands of years. I saw a figure I've not been able to verify of the 100's of millions of UK pounds that it costs per year to keep spent fuel cooled.
There better be a global re-examination of the types of reactors used (some safely shut down in these circumstances), the safety of the site and the long term fuel storage issue. has done some good coverage the past few days of the safety of nuclear power plants.


It's long time for nuclear power to be shutdown worldwide.

Sending strength to the people of Japan...this is a tragic situation.

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