Calling All Vegans -- Take the Survey


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Message from bestselling vegan author, Patti Breitman:

Carol Adams and I are looking for vegans who are willing to tell others what they eat on a typical day, as well as some of their favorite foods, healthy or otherwise.

Your answers may be included in our new book that is intended to help "not yet vegans" discover the ease, joy, variety and abundance of a vegan diet. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the attached survey and return to Carol J. Adams at 

We are especially eager to hear from students, people on a budget, creative home chefs, vegans who do not cook and everybody in between. Please cut and paste this request and share it widely.

To download the survey in PDF format, CLICK HERE.

Please fill out and return the survey asap.

We hope to hear from people by April 20.

Please feel free to share or publicize with vegans! thanks.

With gratitude and all my best wishes,

Patti Breitman


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Hi Patti & Carol
I'll forgo the form as I'm in New Zealand ...

We live off the grid, without any electricity other than LED lights on a deep cell battery, so we eat real simple! We cannot make fancy things like green smoothies, etc.

I start the day the easy way with fresh fruit, and linseed (flaxseed) meal & goji berris for Omega 3 (soak them the night before).

Lunch is usually a couple of slices of oil/fat-free sourdough rye bread, spread with home made hummus, and a big green salad from our garden, with heaps of other veg mixed in on our fancy Mandoline slicer (so you would think you are in a restaurant!). We have 2 or 3 brazil nuts for selenium, (as the soil is low in that here), and we take a B12 nugget after lunch.

Dinner varies - dhal & rice, tofu & wok veges with black fungus (YUM!!!!), beans & veges, home made sushi, or maybe raw zucchini pasta on bean-burger patties ... We can cook on a 2-burner gas camp burner, but have no oven.

For treats there's fresh fruit, home-made bliss balls, ryvita with spreads ... We eat the Wholefoods Plant Strong way, with no added oils or sugar, and we're feeling much better for it. No pseudo-gourmet food here, but we manage a large variety of fabulous, simple dishes that always impress our visitors! Life is wonderful.


Too bad, I am not qualified for the location intended. Probably, just for the next survey. Keep it up!

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