Alley Cat Allies -- 80 Million Ferals Need Help


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Here's a great organization and individuals helping alleviate suffering of abandoned cat populations.





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Bless these caregivers, for their comittment to feral cats.


Thank-you for this comment We that feed feral cats are blessed each time we see a feral cat eat. Although I am poor and really can't afford it I have been doing it for years, it makes my heart glad, but now I am told I can no longer do this, and I just found out it is unlawful to do in my city, I can't find a no kill shelter for these cats or help. I will not turn my back and let them starve, the place were I feed these cats is near my work and every time I go to work I am forced to see their hunger, I started a petition on but I can't seem to get the word out,I have 10 supporters but nee much more could you please help and sign? It is titled Help for feral and stay cats in Clovis at


It may be emotionally appealing to feed feral cats, but rationally analyzed is terribly bad for the environment and native birds.

Gregory Lehman

"The American Bird Conservancy estimates that 150 million free-ranging cats kill 500 million birds a year in the United States. And according to a peer-reviewed study published February 24, 2009, in Conservation Biology, TNR causes “hyperpredation,” in which well-fed cats continue to prey on bird, mammal, reptile, and amphibian populations so depressed they can no longer sustain native predators."

"...that 71 percent to 94 percent of a colony needs to be sterilized before there can even be a decline (provided there’s no immigration)..."

From an article in Audobon Magazine:


To see some actual carnage, go to the following:

USDA-Bye-Bye-Blackbird.pdf(application/pdf Object)

Our tax dollars support the government's slaughter of thousands, if not millions, of creatures every year.


Feral cats do not decimate bird populations and for God's sake -- what about human development, houses, pesticides, cars, toxic green lawns, leaf blowers etc. And people are blaming cats bc they do not spay/neuter and these poor creatures are an easy scape goat? Shame on you.

BTW -- maybe if Alley Cat Allies President (founder) AND Treasurer didn't pocket 150K/yr each -- there might be more money to actually help these 80+ thousand homeless kitties. I know many animal control facilities that could do a heck of a lot and a bunch of activists who could help many kitties, including starting shelters themselves with half of that salary.


Having had a lot of experience with feral cats taking care of the ones the people who come and go from the apartments next door dump, I can say that the destruction of birds is regrettable, however, these cats are doing what cats do, killing to survive. The problem always comes back to people -- cats are overpopulated because of human intervention. The only answer is SPAY AND NUETER. It really works. I had several batches of kittens early on before I realized the cats were even here. I started spaying & neutering EVERYBODY utilizing a program where I paid anywhere from $15 to $35. This is the first year of 3 years there are no new kittens. I can tell you that spay & neuter and live and let live the ones that are here really works. A comprehensive program is what is needed, city-wide, state wide. People doing that, over time the numbers could be drastically reduced. It is an issue that cannot continue to be ignored. Then the birds killed would also be reduced. Everybody wins.


I asked Peta for help and they gave me this link, I need supporters for a petition I started on titled help for feral and stray cats in clovis ca. could you please help by signing and helping me bring awareness to this? Please help me to help these abandoned companion animals


I agree with these comments. Feral cats are doing what cats do -- killing to survive. Feral cats are, because cats were domesticated, a HUMan problem and we cannot just ignore it and think it will go away on its own. The proper response to ferals is to feed them and NEUTER AND SPAY THEM. I also had the experience of caring for ferals in my neighborhood that despicable people in the apartments next door abandoned, and I spayed and neutered everybody I could catch. After two years there were NO MORE NEW KITTENS. If I had ignored them, there would be three times the ferals there that now exist. It's ridiculous for people to just not feed them, what do you expecty them to do -- slowly starve to death? That law in Clovis is a travesty -- it makes my blood boil. I will go sign your petition and do whatever else it takes. You should get testimonials from people like me who did the right thing and REDUCED THE FERAL CAT POPULATION through responsible action. Get people together and appeal that stupid law with FACTS, NOT EMOTION -- you can find plenty of support that responsible feral cat management works and IGNORING THE ISSUE WON'T MAKE IT BETTER -- if I lived in your town we'd make this happen, I can assure you. I am not afraid of speaking up at city council meetings, I have done it before trying to help chained dogs and found that you cannot do anything alone, you must have a large group in order to be effective.


Thank-you so much for reading and responding to my post, it has given me hope in my quest to help these ignored abandoned animals. I felt so alone. I will follow this with everything I am, I am willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause, as an old song use to say. And the world will be a better place one issue at a time. I invite you to go to a web site called you sound like the kind of person that would enjoy this site. The world needs more people like you for you have heart something their is so little of in this world Thank-you for your time and heart!

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