Zoo Gorillas Go on Plant-Based Diet and Reverse Heart Disease


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Let's be honest, folks. It is heartbreaking that animals are kept in captivity like this. Keeping animals locked up for human entertainment is barbaric and should be unacceptable in a so-called civilized society.

And as if it weren't enough they've received a life sentence for the crime of not being born human - instead of being able to eat their natural diets in their unnatural environment, gorillas in zoos are fed human produced junk food. The results are not so surprising for our gorilla cousins; they are becoming as sick and fat as their human relatives.

So not unexpectedly, it turns out heart disease is the leading cause of death in adult male gorillas living in zoos.

Why, you might wonder, would zoo keepers be feeding processed junk food to captive animals in the first place? Why not feed them their native natural diet?

Well one researcher in charge of two gorillas at the Case Western Rserve University decided to do something about the gorillas' health problems, and try to improve their health with a plant-strong diet.

The results are astounding.

The gorilla's previouss processed food diet was high in sugar and starch and low in real vegetables.

After a year on their new high-vegetable-low-processed-food diet, the gorillas are svelte, and healthy -- having each lost 65 pounds after their plant-based switch, even though they're eating twice the calories than before.

And their behaviors have improved dramatically.

The research may lead to all gorillas in zoos being put on healthy plant-based diets.

You can watch a video about the gorillas, and read a longer story from a website in Cleveland, linked here.



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Gorillas are vegan. Unlike chimpanzees and other primates, gorillas eat only plant based foods. Why in the world would a reputable zoo feed gorillas anything but plant based foods?!!


@ Vegan Vagabond: Agreed! I find it shocking that zoos would even consider feeding animals differently than they would eat in the wild.


Yes, zoos need to all be CLOSED & send the animals to sanctuaries. In the meantime, this is great & yes, how stupid that they fed them anything BUT what is normal for them. Geez.


The reversal in health of gorillas when placed on plant based diet is signal for mankind to reverse its processed, fast food addiction.

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