Vegan Soccer Club Owner Bans Meat for Players, Fans


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Dale Vince is the owner of the Forest Green Rovers, an English football club based in Nailsworth, Glouchestershire. Vince, who became a major shareholder of the club in 2010, became the club chairman just three months after joining the organization.

Vince is a longtime environmental businessman and vegan. He owns Ecotricity, a cleantech company established in 1995 and also based in Gloucestershire.

Ecotricity builds wind turbines and other forms of alternative power. In 2004, he was recognized by the Queen for his services to the environment, and awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Vince first banned red meat as a part of his players' diets a few weeks ago for health reasons.

"Following discussions with the manager and on nutritional advice, it was decided to no longer feed our team red meat for health and performance reasons," the team's communications director, Tom Williams, said in a press release.

Vince decided this month to extend the policy throughout the stadium in a sustainability measure for his organization.

"If red meat was not good enough to feed our players, then it wasn't good enough for our staff, fans and visitors too.

And he's unapologetic to those fans who scowled at the thought of missing out on a meat pie or bap during halftime.

"At its worst it means once every two weeks watching a football game without being able to eat red meat... Anybody that really needs it can bring a ham sandwich or something if they wish — that's no problem."

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