Prototype Vegans - earlier than you think...

The Vegan - Vegan Society | John Davis | 02/04/11

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by John Davis, manager and historian of the International Vegetarian Union.

- a double-page article for the Winter 2010 issue of The Vegan, magazine of the Vegan Society in the UK. Now on their website:

We all know that the word 'vegan' was invented in 1944, but there were people following the same diet and ethics much further back than many vegans today might imagine.

Back in 1815, Dr. William Lambe, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, wrote in his book ‘Water and Vegetable Diet’: "My reason for objecting to every species of matter to be used as food, except the direct produce of the earth, is founded on the broad ground that no other matter is suited to the organs of man. This applies then with the same force to eggs, milk, cheese, and fish, as to flesh meat."

full article:


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