Jeff Novick's FAST FOOD Saves $$ and Lives! (VIDEO) | 02/11/11

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Do you own Jeff Novick's FAST FOOD DVD yet?

This DVD shows you how to make a dozen delicious and healthy dishes -- in ten minutes or less, from start to finish.

Jeff provides the "missing link" in healthy plant-strong eating: how to do it easily, inexpensively, and fast!

If you haven't purchased Jeff's FAST FOOD DVD yet, don't wait any longer!  Like the hundreds of email reactions we've gotten in the short time it's been out, you will be thrilled to have this DVD!

Below video is a link to more video excerpts and how to get your own copy.



To watch more video excerpts from FAST FOOD or buy a copy, CLICK HERE.




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So let me understand.

1) You object to Jeff Novick charging for a product because it is "good news?" So people like T. Colin Campbell and John McDougall should not sell their books or DVDs? Just give them away? Or you are upset because the price is $20 and you think that's too much for your budget?

2) You think that making fast healthy recipes is wrong? Your measure of healthy is if you spend a lot more time on that? Are you employed? Do you have all the time on your hands because you're rich, your mother cooks for you, or you have a personal chef? You would like to spend an hour or more making every meal? You believe that most people think like you?

3) Why are you sad? Have you considered getting help?


Most people are busy &/or dont like to cook & thus resort to something from a box or a restaurant or fast food place. Jeff shows that u can make something fresh, low fat, wholesome & vegan & it won't take more time to make than eat. (My criteria!!;-)

20 bucks for some time-saving, health-saving hints is a bargain. Some of the things might seem obvious...but so often we don't think of the obvious! We have to have it pointed out to us. Most of the time, people are clueless as to how to start a vegan diet & want some fast tips to get a jump start on trying it. And some people have done it a long time, but perhaps not as healthy as they should, & this can tweak their habits in a better direction.


PS - it's also about how to do it economically. Eating boxed frozen meals or restaurant take out gets expensive!


I bought this video, watched it, studied it, and tried the recipes. It was worth the $20 to me because it really did provide me with the overall concept and several tasty ways to make a very healthy meal in 10 minutes. I have made at least 5 of the recipes, and found them all to be nutritious and delicious. Using these recipes has boosted my vegetable intake, including a wider variety of vegetables, and given me a handy formula for creating healthy meals fast.

I make one of these healthy meals for my lunches, and I usually make a bean-based dish, such a dal, for my dinners. Then I coast the rest of the week on the two main dishes. It was worth the $20 because it made a permanent and healthy change in my cooking style.


Hi Jeff and others,
The "Fast Food" DVD is great...I was drawn to it because of the title (and found it through Dr. McDougall's website)--I don't have much time to cook as I'm a single parent and have never really enjoyed cooking anyway. The recipes are well explained and truly easy to follow (not to mention healthy). Since I switched from vegetarian to vegan diet two months ago, I've lost 10 lbs, my skin feels softer, and I feel much better overall.


I purchased Jeff's DVD and the information is terrific. Saves me a lot of time in the kitchen and the food is healthy. It's an excellent video, even a bit comical at times.


We have watched and shared Jeff's DVD with many people we care about. Thrilled with the fast and delicious recipes. The cost of the DVD will more than be saved by the inexpensive nutritious meals you'll be able to make. This is the fourth week of our plant based diet as laid out by Dr. Esselstyn. We have both lost weight and inches plus feel so much better. We are heralding this eating healthy message to everyone we come in contact with - stranger or not! This is a war against the mainstream media and the food industry - I suggest we ALL get on board!


I love this video. I am an experienced cook and have been vegan for a while so some of the information was not new to me. But, I recommend this video to people all of the time. I belong to a few vegan/vegetarian teams on Sparkpeople. People wanting to learn more about being vegan/vegetarian join every day and I always point them to Jeff's Facebook page and this video.

It is a great starting point, proving that you can eat healthy and vegan on a tight budget and don't have to resort to eating dollar burgers at McDonalds because they are cheap.


Just watched this DVD. Hugely helpful to me. I do not want to eat a lot of processed food and cannot afford the packaged vegan foods offered at the health food store. I now have a good set of go-to dishes to help me out that are economical, easy to make and healthy.
I enjoyed the humor and enthusiam of this video as well. I am a fan!


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