How Big Pharma Dupes Your Doctor into Believing Drugs Are Miracles (VIDEO)


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Did you know that pharmaceutical companies actively deceive doctors in the way they finance, control, manipulate -- and bury -- drug research?

Many doctors don't even realize the extent of these duplicitious practices, so you had better learn to protect yourself.

Matt Lederman MD -- whom Dr. McDougall has described as "the doctor of the future" -- gave an eye-opening presentation about what doctors are up against.

In his talk, entitled "Navigating through Health and Medical Misinformation," Dr. Lederman lifts the veil on research practices and manipulations commonly used to convince doctors to push certain drugs on their patients.

If your doctor says you could benefit greatly from a particular drug because it's been shown to be highly effective -- she could be an unwitting dupe of Big Pharma's flimflam.

In his fascinating presentation, Dr. Lederman gives repeated examples of how Big Pharma convinces doctors that certain medicines are life-savers -- but when the truth is teased out, you see that the benefits may in reality be miniscule, while the side effects and expense can be severe.

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