Former McDonald's executives to start healthy fast-food chain


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I've often mentioned the possibility of some celebrity opening up a fast-food chain with options for vegan and vegetarians, but it looks like it will take a former McDonald's executive to make it a reality.

Founder Stephen Sidwell and CEO Mike Roberts recently announced plans to launch LYFE ("Love Your Food Everyday") Kitchen, a transformational, socially responsible "lyfestyle" brand that will open in Palo Alto, Calif., this summer.

Roberts, who previously oversaw more than 31,000 McDonald's restaurants in 118 countries, resigned as president and chief operating officer of the fast-food empire in 2006. He was approached by Sidwell, an investment banker, and the two agreed that the time was ripe for a healthy fast-food option.

Of course, if the food doesn't taste good, nobody will buy it — no matter how well it's branded. To complete that part of the puzzle, Roberts and Sidwell turned to Chef Art Smith, former personal chef to Oprah Winfrey and a two-time James Beard Foundation Award winner. They also brought on Chef Tal Ronnen, regarded as one of the most groundbreaking vegan and vegetarian chefs.

"With two celebrated, taste-making chefs and a talented team of leaders and advisers, we believe LYFE Kitchen is a response to one of America's most significant, unmet needs: the consumer's demand for delicious, affordable food that is good for you," said Roberts. "We also plan to become a part of the Palo Alto community and begin giving back right away."

According to the release, no item on the menu will contain more than 600 calories, with each featuring responsibly sourced ingredients from local farms and "sustainable whenever possible."

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Very cool!


Good luck to them. We avoid fast food places like the plague - it's a waste of money. Given that the past 30 years has been based upon credit and debt the entire collection of big box retailers and fast food joints that we see around us will crumble into history. The 60's and 70's should be the new normal - something more sustainable instead of people living wayyyyy beyond their means.
It's about time people got real jobs doing real work. One can't build an economy by borrowing and spending. The fact that it ran 30 years is amazing - but just look at the parabolic rise in debt. It's a freekin' joke right now with some trumpeting the falling consumer debt levels - well it's because they're defaulting on mortgages and loosing their bubble ATM-homes. Meanwhile the trade defecit continues - while exporting real jobs to make money to pay off the debt.... The depression has barely begun.

Good move - wrong time!


Very cool site.
Thanks for sharing this...

Regards, Johny

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