Bio Char -- It can save the planet!


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Have you heard of Bio Char?

These are little briquettes of charcoal that may come to the planet's rescue.

Bio-char is one of the most exciting developments in science today. It is an ancient method of enhancing soil fertility and carbon sequestration. It helps the soil retain water and increase crop yields. It enhances microbiological activity. It retains nutrients for plants that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, or washed away by rains.

This could represent a key strategy in breaking the cycle of slash and burn farming, and restore our soil.

The most striking visual evidence in this video comes at around 3:55 in the video below. That would be the 880% increase in crop yields where bio char was used in combination with fertilizer. Wow! Talk about feeding the world.

And unlike other organic material that can be added to the soil, bio char remains for long periods, offering the opportunity to sequester the carbon.

In this way it is actually carbon-negative. Bio-char REMOVES carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Bio Char can be produced on a large or small scale. Watch and learn about this amazing breakthrough.




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