Whitewash: The book that demolishes dairy (read a free chapter!)


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Ever gotten into a discussion and wished you had access to the multitude of reasons why dairy is probably the worst food on the planet? Well if so, you are in luck.

Joseph Keon PhD has just written one of the most important books documenting the massive problems associated with cow's milk.

In the book, entitled Whitewash: The Disturbing Truth about Cow's Milk and Your Health, Dr. Keon exposes the biggest nutritional myth of our time, and shows that our obsession with dairy is not only unnecessary but highly dangerous.

Dr. Keon takes it a step further, showing how you can stop sabotaging your health and offering a hopeful vision of life after milk.

A wellness consultant, nutrition and fitness expert for over 25 years, Dr. Keon holds a doctorate in nutrition, is considered a leading authority on public health and is the author of three books, including Whole Health: The Guide to Wellness of Body and Mind and The Truth about Breast Cancer: A Seven-Step Prevention Plan.

Want to read a chapter from the book right now?

Download and read Chatper Three: Udderly Ridiculous, and enjoy a sample of this educating and entertaining book.



To purchase your copy of Whitewash right now from, click here.




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I continue to appreciate the wealth of information on VegSource - how often it is updated and how stimulating your articles are. Thank you all. Thanks also for this chapter download - I look forward to reading it. At an initial glance I've noted with relief that there are citations - though the download chapter doesn't complete most of the reference sources. We're very keen to promote veganism and whole-foods plant-based eating through literature and articles based on sound scientific research, (as, in our circles anyway, that is the crucial factor for people to take it seriously). We'd be grateful to know the extent and quality of the research the book is based on and how current the research is. Cheers from New Zealand (the, blush, home of damn dairy food!!!!)


I stopped drinking milk 15 years ago. As it turns out, that may have been one of the best moves I've ever made. I wonder if this book covers the Neu5Gc sugar molecule in dairy, and mammal meat, that causes inflammation in the body, and causes cancer cells to spread? I'll have to read the chapter you've provided, and talk my library into buying the book.


Hey Jack - tell us more about that molecule! - particularly the research sources - and research pertinent to the spread of cancer. It sounds most interesting! Cheers


Radha: You can google the molecule's chemical symbol, Neu5Gc, and get to hundreds, if not thousands of articles on it, or enter it in the search engine of PubMed, to get peer-reviewed scientific studies. Here's one out of the google list:

I first read of it in ScienceDaily, a couple of years ago. The science looks pretty solid to me. I have a personal story. I have delivered food to shut-ins for the local senior center for 3 yrs now. As partial payment, I get a free lunch when I return. Then, I go there for lunch, for the social value. Obviously, they always have mammal meat on the menu, and when that's all there is, I used to eat it. Well, my finger joints got inflamed, to the point that I had a hard time closing my fist when I woke up. I stopped all mammal meat eating, and the stiffness was gone in about 10 days. It hasn't come back. I'll be 71 in a month. Doing fine.


Radha: Here's a link to the article I read.
Pretty scary stuff, I'd say. I haven't heard a word from our government on this, and don't expect to, unless someone takes them to court.


Can't wait to read the book! The dairy industry is insidious and one of those topics I find most frustrating to talk about because the myths of dairy as an ideal food (or too delicious to give up) are so prevalent.

It took me years to wean myself off dairy even though I was lactose intolerant. When I told my doctor at the time that I was planning to eliminate dairy from my diet I got a scare-tactic lecture on how I needed to take calcium supplements lest I risk becoming susceptible to osteoporosis and a host of other maladies. Of course, there was no mention of plant-based sources of calcium.

When I see first-hand the rates of lactose intolerance in communities of color, then go inside public school cafeterias where every child is REQUIRED to have a carton of milk on their tray, disgusts me to no end. And when people buy the lies from Weston A. Price advocates of raw milk to the U.S. government-supported National Dairy Council, it makes work like Dr. Keon's that much more timely and important.

/end rant :P


The director of my local library agreed to buy a copy of this book, shortly after I sent her this VegSource article.


After reading the sample chapter, I am left hoping that the rest of the book was better "fact checked" by the author/editor -- the very first assertion the author makes, that humans need 180 days to double their birth weight, is incorrect (even if you allow for slight discrepancies between breastfed and bottlefed babies). It only takes about 90 days for a human to double its birthweight. (You can look up the WHO's growth charts online to check). I am in complete agreement that cow's milk is not a human food, but the campaign against dairy isn't helped by wildly inaccurate supporting data!


Woops. Here's an update. Just the other day, I heard on a morning TV program, that babies fed cow's milk formula gained weight much faster than breast-fed babies. They think feeding cow's milk formula to babies can lead to obesity, later in life. Maybe they also compared cow's milk to soy formula. I'll have to find that study.

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