Do the Workout Challenge with Jeff and Willie!

Jeff Nelson, Founder | 01/10/11

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Behold a source of contention in our family room! 

My 14-year-old son Willie and I are soon starting the workout program P90X together.

And so I told my wife that I wanted a "power tower" for Christmas, that allows for certain exercises.

It came in a small box and I assembled it today.  It's bigger than we thought it would be.

Here is Willie trying it out in our family room:

Scroll down for photo:





















Now we do have a gym in our house, but it already has a lot of exercise equipment and a sauna in it, and this thing isn't going to fit in there.

Somehow Sabrina's regretting the purchase.

I think it makes a lovely addition to the family room; Sabrina says it belongs on the patio with a tarp over it.

You can help us settle that question below, but meanwhile, Willie and I are going to embark on the P90X 90-day challenge, and do a 1-hour workout together every morning for the next 3 months.  This means we'll do an exercise DVD every day, which entails pushups, pullups, some weightlifting and other exercises.

Would you like to join Willie and me in the P90X 90-day challenge, and do it with us over the next months?

Click here for more info about purchasing the P90X program.

If you want to do it with us, get a copy of the P90X program (probably buy one used on eBay) and then tell us you want to do it with us, using this form to contact us. We'll put you on a list to communicate with others doing it, we can share our experiences and guilt each other into keeping going!


Now here's a survey you can take to help us decide where to park the above monstrocity in our house:


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I read that's the program PINK uses, & she's in GREAT shape!


All the best you two. My personal take is that of Voluntary Simplicity. If you don't need it - don't clutter your life with it. If it's not a long term part of your life (like your healthy diet) then why waste time and energy on it. It's like artifical food - an abnormal activity. Do "normal" things and enjoy them - don't sequester yourself into your abode away from life. You live in a part of the world that is just amazing. Get out - enjoy the mountains (but try not to drive to do it!?). I've taken up unicycling - it's a hell of a skill builder. I ride with friends and we work on building skills such as one footed riding, hopping, riding backwards ... My daughter has taken it up and the rest of the family is in training. We already hike and bike together and when the kids get older we'll XC skill ...
All that being said - if you pursue this your body will change and it's really amazing watching it happen. I used to love being a rat in the Kin. dept. as well as take their lab courses. The body adapts to challenges it's given, after a delay.
I'd suggest taking a photo of yourself daily for those 90 days. There are some great ones on you tube One Year in 2 minutes as well as a woman's body thru pregnancy .... all done by a photo a day.


I'm soooooo with Sabrina on this one. :-)


fact is that i am interested in both equally and that if have voted to sell the PX90 for scrap as i would prefer wlking, running, swimming, rowing and doing press-ups, etc.


I have done the program. It is great fun. But i used a pull up bar in a door way....


Oh and I am all for going outside to do workouts. I have completed a few ironmans. However, in the middle of winter in Minnesota, outside is not where I want to spend a lot of time.... call me a weenie, but Baby its Cooold outside!!!


This is a toughy because I personally would probably not be too motivated to go outside to workout on equiptment but I also would prefer it not to be in my living room.
Is there anything in your gym you don't use much that can swapped for your new equiptment?
Though, if it would get just as much use on the porch I say give it a home on the porch :o).

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