PETA Awards 5 Companies for Meeting Demand for Vegan Foods


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Editor's note: PETA is giving recognition to companies who have made successful efforts to make vegan foods available to the public. For the most part, these are not exactly "health foods," but it's nice to see awareness of the demand for cruelty-free foods!

From Veggie Burgers to Delectable Desserts, These Businesses Have Proved That Great-Tasting Food and Kindness to Animals Go Hand in Hand

Norfolk, Va. - Two popular restaurant chains and three food producers have each won a Libby Award for their superb vegan foods in a competition sponsored by peta2, the world's largest youth animal rights organization. The Libby Awards ("Libby" is for "liberation") honor animal-friendly people and products. Visitors to helped the group determine the winners by voting for their favorites in each category. The five winners were awarded as follows:

·         Best Veggie Burger: Denny's

Denny's veggie burger is made by Amy's Kitchen (see "Best Chocolate" below). With its approximately 1,500 locations nationwide, Denny's gets the nod for adding convenience to one of the best veggie burgers available.

·         Best Dairy Alternative: Starbucks Strawberries and Crème Vegan Frappuccino

Starbucks has more than 16,000 locations in 50 countries. And the best part is that all Starbucks frappuccinos can be made vegan.

·         Best Fake Meat: Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders

Simply put, Gardein has perfected faux meat-in flavor, texture, and appearance. Just heat and eat or slather them in your favorite barbecue sauce.

·         Best Vegan Snack: Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza

Long known for making vegans feel right at home at Thanksgiving with its delicious Tofurky roasts, Turtle Island Foods has expanded its list of products, which now includes delicious meat- and dairy-free pizza.

·         Best Vegan Chocolate: Amy's Chocolate Cakes

Amy's Kitchen-the leading natural frozen-food brand in the world-has always been synonymous with quality. Just bite into a slice of rich, chocolaty Amy's cake, and you'll know why. Amy's products are available at natural-food stores and supermarkets in the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

"If you care about animals, the planet, or your health, the last things that you want to eat are meat, eggs, and dairy products," says peta2 Director Dan Shannon. "The demand for vegan options in the food industry is skyrocketing, and these five winners are answering the call in the most delicious ways imaginable."


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