P90X Challenge Starts Monday! (VIDEO)

Jeff Nelson, Founder | 01/13/11

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Remember the poll we put up?

To find out what you all think we should do with the big piece of exercise equipment we just got (which Sabrina wants OUT OF THE HOUSE!)?

Well we have the results of the poll -- in a new video!


 And here's another chance for you to sign up to do the P90X exercise program with Willie and me, starting next Monday, January 17! Come on, you know you want to get in shape with us!

Taking the Challenge means we'll all log on regularly in a special area, and report that we're following program, and put positive peer pressure to keep us motivated.

To join us, get a copy of P90X from eBay, or Amazon, click here to see the P90X program

Then sign up by clicking here and sending us a message that you want to be part of the Challenge!

Watch the video now -- see what poll respondents told us we should do with the "Power Tower" exerciser (AKA "the source of contention!")


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How much is a chin up bar used, do u know? I dont think I have a doorway that can handle one! I could do that part at the park 2 doors down. Looks like u need a set of hand weights...anything else? Just a mat?


I think you need to get some sort of chin up bar or way to do pullups, yes. Hand weights and mat are the rest.


I have a similar problem for the chinup bar. I ended up setting my up in my bathroom doorway (only one with room between ceiling and trim); I bet at least one doorway could work as long as it has some trim to rest on horizontally.


A lot of people ask how to prepare for Beachbody's P90X Fitness Challenge. I myself, was not sure how to start because I have trained a lot in the past and figured I could handle whatever they threw at me even though I was in the worst shape of my life when I started. Before officially starting the challenge, I began with some of the P90X cardio oriented DVDs. Kenpo X, Cardio X, Plyometrics and Core Synergistics. All of these are tough, tough workouts, but you can always hit pause to take a break and the next time it will get easier. If you have not been working out, these workouts hit all of your muscle groups and prepare them for more work in the future. Anyone doing these routines is going to be sore the day after and especially the second day after the workout from the shock your muscles get from being dormant for so long. It's a good sore and I feel like I accomplished something.


I am halfway through my 2nd week of P90X. This might just be the perfect opportunity to assist those of us doing P90X with a hurdle that is common to plant-based eaters: Phase I-30 days (fat shredder) is high protein (50%), carbs (30%), and fats (20%). How to protein load in vegan style!

I am interested in learning how others are meeting the recommendations of about half of the servings coming from the protein and dairy groups, with only 1 serving coming from carbs (which include legumes and whole grains).

A tremendous resource that would have long term value would be a video series about veggy-ing the P90X nutrition plan. I would recommend focusing on a vegan plan as it is quite simple to make it a veggie alternative plan by adding in some dairy or eggs.

As I am putting my meal plan together, I am working out which grains and legumes have the highest protein ratio and comparing it to flesh options to see how I can veg out this phase (without overloading on soy-based foods too).

Priorities: simple, diverse, authentic (limited soy-? alternatives), prepare ahead/freezable, affordable.

I look forward to some awesome collaboration and results. V-P90X!


Tony Horton's new book, Bring It, discusses diet. Around page 220 or so, he addresses what should be removed from your diet. He addresses the subjects sugar, gluten, animal products, etc. and suggests alternatives. You might be able to get some ideas from this source. I have done P90X several times and have not found a Vegan diet to be an issue. You might also try the Brendan Brazier Thrive Books.


I would say completely IGNORE ALL the nutrition info, just do the exercise part. Obviously any nutrition recommendations that include animal foods is NOT good...and 50% of ANY kind of protein is NOT good, so just do what u do, eat more volume if needed, but I say recycle that booklet, don't waste a second opening & reading ANY of it.

Avoid analogues, they are hard to digest & not healthy. they are to be transition food. They also could slow weight loss. Stick w/whole plant foods.

Good point, tho, there needs to be a vegan version!


Try the book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness if you are wondering about Nutrition. It is extremely important. Their numbers seem a bit off. Look at Cheeke's. He's also on facebook under the title of the book.

Another gadget. [Shakes head and walks away muttering 'what ever happened to a good old ..... to the wall workout?']


Wow great idea! Have been a vegan since 1980 and for most of that time had to gorge to keep a steady weight. The past six years are different and have been stuck at 200 pounds and can't seem to lose ten or twenty. Yes lack of exercise has changed my life. Even so, maybe I could turn those extra 25 pounds to muscle!
Still, this power work out stuff I am not so sure about. Tai Chi seems like a better idea to me.
Even so I sure would like to be stronger. All those exercise machines cluttering the house or rotting in the yard don't do much for me.
Good luck with your program and if you do well, maybe I will tag along!


hopefully i can help some of you out a bit on both of the topics here. for the chin ups without a bar, 10 years ago i invented just a device called the Jungle Gym XT, it simply goes over the top of any door and hangs off of it and allow you to do assisted or un-assisted chin ups.
Secondly the how to eat as a vegan for strength and conditioning...this is all we do at the monkey bar gym...we're the ONLY gyms in the world who promote a plant based diet and we have tons of menus and articles on how to eat plant based for fitness and athletic performance. i'm happy to help people in both of these points if i can help out at all:)
sincerely, jon hinds

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