McDonald's got hundreds of millions in bail out money | 12/02/10

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A Fed-bailed out burger joint.

I'm not lovin' it.

Yesterday the long-awaited Fed bailout data was released. For those interested in perusing it, you can find it here in all of its .xls- and .csv-formatted glory.

Since 2007, Bernake has been working overtime handing out US taxpayer dollars to banks, corporations -- and many foreign entities and even the Republic of Korea. He gave away $3 TRILLION!  Goldman Sachs would have gone bankrupt without the help.

What you may not have heard is that even McDonald's was bailed out -- to the tune of $203 million. The Fed bought up some toxic debt of the food giant because hey, we all know that McDonald's bottom line is crucial to the American economy.

Meanwhile, all those homeowners who were the subject of predatory loans, and whose paperwork the banks failed to handle per the law -- they're out of luck and won't get a dime.

But at least their burger is further subsidized by the government, making it easier to keep eating their way into cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Then they're on their own once again, to deal with the government-bloated predatory "health care" system.

Only in America.

Watch Dylan Ratigan report:

Read the whole story here.


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