Heart Disease and Cancer: Listen to Foremost Expert Tell How to Prevent Them


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Caldwell Esselstyn Jr MD -- the doctor whose program Bill Clinton has turned to in order to reverse his heart disease -- was recently in Australia and New Zealand where he was invited to make presentations before coronary health improvement health conferences.

While in New Zealand, he was interviewed by Radio New Zealand's Kim Hill about how and why plant-based nutrition is the proven way to protect one's health.

In this fascinating 43-minute interview, Dr. Esselstyn covers the genesis of his program, and talks about why his diet has been so utterly successful at preventing and reversing heart disease.


Note: If play button above does not load in for you, you can listen to the mp3 file directly here:

To learn more about Dr. Esselstyn and his bestselling book, Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease, visit his website


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This comment from Windows 7 PC



The "play" button on most of these embedded videos is often hard to see, and the page designer should have been more specific about where it is.

Most video control bars--the gray bar above--have a volume icon at the far left followed by a solid arrow pointing to the right. That's the "play" button.

The three icons to the right of the progress (gray) bar are usually for rewind, fast forward, or pause. The downward facing arrow has varying functions depending on what media player is being used.

I'm using Firefox and had no trouble starting this audio file from the play button on the control bar.


This is what a person should see above as the playstream, this is a screenshot of how it looks to me (Mac OS X and firefox):

That is pretty much as Sara describes it.


This is an especially good and wide-ranging interview because the interviewer plays--or is--a devil's advocate and raises all the usual cliches about eating meat and the "extreme" nature of a plant-based diet. Dr. Esselstyn gives very measured and scientifically impeccable responses and doesn't take the bait when she reverts to cliches.

I highly recommend sending this to anyone with cardiovascular problems who is skeptical of a plant-based diet and wants solid clinical information from a doc who has conducted long-term research and has long-term clinical experience. He also provides very interesting cross-cultural observations about a variety of populations.


Thank you SO much Jeff & team for posting this on your site as, after suggesting Radio New Zealand's Kim Hill interview Drs Campbell or Esselstyn, I was gutted I didn't get to hear it on the day! And Sara, glad you could see the value of Kim's interviewing style - she's our top interviewer here in New Zealand, seeing that progressive ideas get aired - and by playing devil's advocate, as you say, it gives the interviewee ideal opportunities to get the best points across. I shall send this link to my NZ network as many of us missed this crucial interview. So, VegSource, let us know if Dr Campbell is interviewed by Radio New Zealand too, as it seems I shan't be personally notified. I am benefiting enormously from the plant based whole food diet, amazed and grateful for the differences from my former vegan diet, where I included oil, sugar etc. Cheers from 'down under!'


I hope this interview will raise some awareness in New Zealand. You are a greatly enlightened nation, but the influence of the mutton/lamb/dairy industries is very strong.

To Radha Sahar--it is very good to hear that you are receptive to these ideas. It is very encouraging to see your post here. From that I infer that there is a subculture of people in NZ who are equally tolerant of a new way of looking at dietary issues.

Sometimes we in the US and Europe get an impression that NZ is dominated by the prevailing Australasian mentality that people should eat as much meat as possible and that anyone who disagrees will be marginalized or strongly denigrated.


I am very pleased to hear that Dr. Esselstyn is soon to report results from 250 heart patients, and look forward to seeing it published in a medical journal whenever it is accepted. I am wondering if all of the 250 patients are on his recommended diet, or if a percentage of these patients are in a control group consuming a different diet.
Does anyone have any additional information about this study?

Dr. Fuhrman is also planning on starting a heart disease reversal study next year through the Nutritional Research Project on either 50 or 100 patients consuming a high nutrient diet which includes modest amounts of nuts and seeds. This will be especially interesting to see the amount heart disease reversal when healthy fats from whole plant foods are added into the diets of people with heart disease.

Also does anyone have the reference for the study in regards to the autopsies of Papua New Guineans over the age of 60?



Questions presented by TW are EXCELLENT. Two other areas of inquiry merit more attention. Ignoring facts does not make them go away.

Why do some dietary "gurus" give dairy a pass while ignoring the topic? How much - if any - animal protein is optimal or "safe" for humans? At times the issue is only a few keystrokes away as conflicts of interest abound. Anyone paid by McDonald's as a "consultant" may have trouble telling the truth about their offerings. E.g. Very high fat so-called "healthy" salads for starters. To protect the guilty, I'll not mention names. After all, Dean Ornish has done much good.

Another frequently ignored VERY IMPORTANT topic
which must be no stranger to Veg Source readers
remains "brachial artery tourniquet test" ALAS.
At first blush Google shows 9,400 general hits
and over 20,000 hits from other search choices.
I see NO (ZILCH) challenge to Dr. Esselstyn on this discussion(s) on this fascinating topic


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Gandhi (?)

"Alle Wahrheit durchläuft drei Stufen. Zuerst wird sie lächerlich gemacht oder verzerrt. Dann wird sie bekämpft. Und schließlich wird sie als selbstverständlich angenommen." Schopenhauer (?)

" All truth goes through three steps. First it is made ridiculous or is distorted. Then it is fought. And, in the end, it is accepted as natural. " Schopenhauer (?)

(?) Sources and attributions uncertain.



There is also the real possibility, that as the decades pass, substances, "man-made" nutrients and supplements, or foods, newly discovered in the earth and found to be edible, will have the unique ability of allowing us to continue to consume moderate amounts of those foods that have, until that time, been found to endanger health and shorten our lives. The diet promoted by Dr. Esselystyn, won't be consumed by a large proportion of the human species, for at least another 100 years, because the junk food promoters, will not take these findings without a fight. even if it's a fight that, for a majority of humans, they'll eventually lose. After all, there'll always be many other non-junk-food areas, where children, the naive and uneducated, can be seduced into spending what money they have destroying themselves.

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