Cooking Channel Debuts Vegetarian TV Show! (VIDEO) | 12/09/10

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The Veg Edge debuted Thursday night on The Cooking Channel -- the first all veg cooking and travel show!

The Veg Edge journeys the country unearthing a new breed of vegetarians.

From a punk rock vegan in L.A. to vegetable-loving firemen deep in the heart of Texas, to a kick boxing chef who serves up meatless Mondays at his high-end NYC restaurant. Vegetarians 2010: food carts in Portland, a California beauty, East Village hipsters, confessions, recipes, even ribs!...sort of.

Watch the first 8 minutes of the premiering episode now. You can get all recipes from this episode on The Cooking Show website.

The Cooking Channel will be re-broadcasting the full 1-hour opening episode during December, so check local listings so you can see the whole show .





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