Do Not Fly -- TSA Naked Xray Machines "Will Cause Cancer" -- Top Radiation Expert

youtube | 11/16/10

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TSA is out of control. Passengers can now be subject to dangerous and privacy-violating "naked" scanners, and physical "pat downs" which in any other context would constitute sexual assault.

England banned these same x-ray machines, but they have been put into place by former Homeland Security chief, Michael Chertoff, who personally profits from the sale of these machines.

Some good news, though -- scroll down to watch video about what New Jersey Legislators are attempting to do. The video quotes xray experts who say the level of radiation emitted by the machines, while low, constitutes a public health hazard.

Video below --



Also watch this, documenting many TSA abuses:




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This has gotten SO out of line. Please, everyone, call your congressperson & Senator, email them these videos, and ask that they get involved in immediately removing these scanners & firing employees who invade rights & beat people up. This is horrifying. Take the train or drive, do not fly.


Agreed. This is way out of control. The constitutional and health issues are concerning and downright angering. From a financial perspective, the U.S. continues to adopt policies discouraging travel to the U.S. and domestic travel by air.

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