Steve-O Chooses Vegan Calm Over Jackass Lifestyle

tinygreenbubble.com | Alice Winchester | 10/06/10

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I live for the day when I am not shocked when I find out that someone is vegan. Today is not that day. First Mike Tyson. Then Bill Clinton. And now Steve-O, one of the stars of Jackass, a man who tortures himself on film for a living, has come out as a dog cuddling, vegan living star.

First, remember that Steve-O earned his fame on MTV's Jackass, a show that was about grown men doing the dumbest, more painful things they could possibly come up with, on film.

Steve-O then fell into a cycle of drunken debauchery, depression and all around trouble. Arrested for drug possession, kicked off MTV for rowdy behavior and intoxication, things were not going well. So unwell, as a matter of fact, that his friends had an intervention that led to Steve-O's hospitalization, suicide watch and rehab.

That when then. What is the now? Steve-O at PETA's 30th anniversary gala telling reporters how much he gushes over his rescue dog, Walter Cronkite, a dog he picked up at a sidewalk adoption drive in Beverly Hills, and a dog he credits with teaching him "love and tolerance."

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