New findings blow up "Paleo" diet fad principles | 10/18/10

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Adherents to a popular fad called the "Paleo diet" say it is based on the fact that early man ate a meat-centered diet, and since cavemen were healthier than people today, then the Paleo diet is the "healthiest" diet for modern man.

Except new research shows the "Paleo" diet is based on fantasy.


The findings may also upset fans of the so-called Paleolithic diet, which follows earlier research that assumes early humans ate a meat-centered diet.

Also known as the "cave man diet," the regime frowns on carbohydrate-laden foods like bread and cereal, and modern-day adherents eat only lean meat, vegetables and fruit.

Now sit back and wait for the revised "reasoning" behind the Paleo fad diet.

Full article is available below via New York Times website.


Read the whole story here.


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