How My Family Started the Armour Meat Company (VIDEO)

Jeff Nelson, Founder | 10/31/10

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This year at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo, I decided to go back to the 19th Century in my family's history and show some photos and film -- yes film, from 1897 -- of the business my great-great-grandfather started in the 1860's, along with his brother.

The two brothers, driven to be successful, one a financial wizard, the other a genious at mass production and ruthless competitive practices...these were H.O. and P.D. Armour.

A couple weeks ago I gave an introductory talk at the kickoff dinner for the Healthy Lifestyle Expo.  Normally I don't show my own talk or put it on the Expo DVDs.

But I thought you might enjoy learning a little about how two men from the 1800s envisioned a world where meat could be produced so cheaply and easily, that everyone could afford it every day, and become as plump and "well fed" as their local banker.

Scroll down to watch my introductory remarks, including a lot of history about the Armour family business. This video clip is about 20 minutes in length.

The full Expo weekend event, including the fascinating speeches of all the Expo experts, is available for purchase on DVD, and will be shipping out early December.  Below the video is a link for more info about what's contained in the 2010 Expo DVD program.

If the video below doesn't play, you can watch it on youtube directly at:



get_healthy_red.jpgFor more info about getting a copy of all talks from the Healthy Lifestyle Expo weekend, click here.


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