The corpse's cold hand still clutches a half-eaten McDonald's hamburger (VIDEO) | via IVU | 09/15/10

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Unhappy meals: American doctors' TV ad features a corpse holding a hamburger and the line 'I was lovin' it'. McDonald's, which has thrived in the recession, isn't laughing. [scroll down to watch the ad]

It is an image to sap the flabbiest of appetites. An overweight, middle-aged man lies dead on a mortuary trolley, with a woman weeping over his body. The corpse's cold hand still clutches a half-eaten McDonald's hamburger.

A hard-hitting US television commercial bankrolled by a Washington-based medical group has infuriated McDonald's by taking an unusually direct shot at the world's biggest fast-food chain this week, using a scene filmed in a mortuary followed by a shot of the brand's golden arches logo and a strapline declaring: "I was lovin' it."

The line is a provocative twist on McDonald's long-standing advertising slogan, "I'm lovin' it" and a voiceover intones: "High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks. Tonight, make it vegetarian."

The commercial, bankrolled by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), goes further than most non-profit advertising and has drawn an angry reaction from both the Chicago-based hamburger multinational and the broader restaurant industry.

The PCRM's director of nutrition education, Susan Levin, made no apologies for singling out the golden arches: "McDonald's is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world. Its name and its golden arches are instantly recognisable. We feel we're making a point about all fast food when we talk about McDonald's."

McDonald's fast food is graphically linked to health problems in this ad from a doctors' group urging viewers: 'Tonight, make it vegetarian' :

Read the whole story here.


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Wonderful ad, love it. Hope a lot of people watch it and maybe (I am an eternal optimist, lol) will change at least one meal a week to vegetarian.


I love it, but aren't they opening themselves up to a huge lawsuit? I can just see that coming. This is way too much truth for the meat and fast food industries to handle. They will try to squash this.


I'm lovin' it myself.
Here's to hoping that it makes a dent!

I'm kind of cynical though and think that it will not. People are pressed for time, their choices are limited and the food tickles the taste buds.
My one hope is that the economic greater depression will knock the stuffing out of this industry and people will go back to cooking their own food (Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution). I don't care if they eat beef and pork - but if they're preparing it themselves they're going to be better off. Getting them onto "pastured" meat will be a good step as will getting the meat down to a condiment sized portion and out of most meals. I still think that we need to get rid of the externalized costs - the cost of meat must include the full cost of production and sewage treatment and global warming and .... then habits will change.

Big change begets big benefits; but I'm kind of cynical right now - reflecting upon friends who have had heart attacks and other serious medical conditions and rarely do they ever consider changing their diet or getting informed. As one friends cholesterol, and weight, has been edging up and up he refuses my information or informing himself and he's reassured that his doctor tells him that his ratio of LDL to HDL is good and to just ignored the bolded total cholesterol on his blood work sheets ....

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