President Clinton Credits Caldwell Esselstyn MD for Decision to go Plant-Based

CNN | 09/21/10

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Read More: Bill Clinton, Campbell, Esselstyn, heart disease, Ornish

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Watch Bill Clinton on CNN describe to Wolf Blitzer how the trailblazing work of Cleveland Clinic surgeon Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. led Clinton to embrace a nearly 100% plant-based lifestyle, losing 24 pounds in the process and returning him to his high school weight.

Clinton also discusses the work of health icon Dean Ornish, MD, and the enormous importance of the book The China Study, by esteemed professor T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and his son, Tom Campbell. The Campbells together wrote one of the most important books of the century, spotlighting ground-breaking, rock solid scientific research that establishes conclusively the overwhelmingly superior health benefits of plant-based diets.

The experts who influenced Clinton to change the course of his health and reverse his heart disease -- are the same ones who appear regularly at the annual VegSource Healthy Lifestyle Expo in California. Join us in Los Angeles, October 15-17, and meet Dr. Esselstyn and other experts whose very compelling scientific evidence convinced Bill Clinton to go plant-based -- much to Clinton's benefit.  Expo info here: HealthyLifestyleExpo.com

NOW watch Bill Clinton discuss Esselstyn and other noted plant-based researchers and scientists:



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