Meat Wastes Water

IVU Online News | International Vegetarian Union | 09/26/10

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Clean water for drinking and other human needs such as irrigation is a precious and increasingly scarce resource. Indeed, the increasing scarcity of water is one more reason to promote vegetarianism.

Meat production not only pollutes water, due to the huge amount of liquid and solid waste produced by the animals whom we eat, meat production also uses more water than does the growing of plant foods.

Many readers of IVU Online News are aware that environmentalists calculate people's carbon footprints, but many of our readers may not be aware that environmentalists also calculate our water footprints:

For instance, according to the Water Footprint website, it requires 70 litres of water to grow an apple and 80 litres for 2 slices of wheat bread, but 1937 litres for 1/8 kg of beef and 487 litres of water for 1/8 kg of chicken.

All the water footprint calculations presented in the product gallery (on the footprints of products such as rice and beef) on the Water Footprint website were calculated by the people who maintain the site. Details can be found in the different reports in their publications list or in the report "The Water Footprint of Nations" which covers a variety of products.

Links are also provided for each product. These links provide additional information on that specific product, all sorts of things, especially on its supply chain. Links offer complementary information thought to be of interest.

Does anyone know other water footprint resources?

footprintFootprint Calculators Promote Steps Towards Meatlessness
Our environmental footprint is one way to measure our impact on the environment. There are now many online footprint calculators that include meat consumption as one factor in calculating our environmental impact.

Here are several (some are more fun than others):


Can you recommend others?

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