KFC & McDonalds arrived in China, obesity on the rise | 09/26/10

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As the Chinese economy beefs up, so are its citizens ... to the point where "Fat" is no longer just a popular name, but also the description for 100 million Chinese citizens.

That number is small compared to China's 1.5 billion population, but experts fear the number of obese citizens could double in 10 years.

What is the reason for all the super-sizing? According to Los Angeles-based bariatric surgeon Dr. Carson Liu, it's a case of East meets West.

"Obesity is definitely associated with economic wealth," said Liu in an e-mail interview with AOL News. "We saw [increased obesity] first in Hong Kong, and it will definitely continue in Shanghai and Beijing. Obesity rates are high wherever there are fast food restaurants."

Liu, who hails from China, says that the blooming economy means higher wages and more interaction with American-style restaurants that are popping up to take advantage of the newly discovered yearning for fast food.

"They've become more in tune with the American diet, and as a result, they'll end up suffering from more obesity," Liu predicted. "They want KFC, McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc."

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