Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. MD & Dean Ornish MD Explain Bill Clinton's Diet to CNN | 09/24/10

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On Friday, September 24, CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed Caldwell Esselstyn Jr MD and Dean Ornish MD, the doctors whose diet former President Bill Clinton has used to successfully return to his high school weight -- and to reverse his serious heart disease.


Background: In 2004 Clinton underwent quadruple bypass surgery, taking four veins from elsewhere in his body and using them to circumvent the four blocked arteries to his heart.  In 2005, Clinton underwent more surgery, for scar tissue damage and fluid which had accumulated as a result of the 2004 surgery.

In February of 2010, Clinton's bypass failed, with one of the four veins installed in the bypass having become 100% blocked. Surgeons installed two stents inside the clogged vein, in order to prop open the cholesterol-filled passage. 

In May of this year, Clinton began Dr. Esselstyn's plant-based diet program, which has been shown in published research to arrest and reverse heart disease in 100% of people who are compliant with the diet.  Over the next few months, Clinton lost 24 pounds, returning to his high school weight, feels great, and his heart disease is in reversal.

Video: The CNN video below starts with about a minute of Clinton's interview, then cuts to several minutes of riveting commentary from the two esteemed plant-based doctors responsible for this health-turnaround.


For a further in-depth discussion of what the doctors in this interview did not have time to explain, including the issues of continuing to feed milk to children, click here.


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FABULOUS!!! Follow up! Love it! Yay! Thank you, CNN!!


Tho dont like Dr Ornish backing off on "no dairy" & suggesting fish oil! Maybe he should read Dr Esselstyn's book. ;-)


Agreed. I thought that this was pretty weak. You don't need fish oil and definitely not dairy.


Nice to see those guys getting to explain a plant based "diet" - I hope it's not just viewed as a temporary "diet" though.

Maybe Dr Ornish just didn't want to get into a debate over milk for kids and divert the conversation. You know how agast people are when you start talking about taking away kid's milk... LOL

And come on Wolf... "No..I guess some of the fun things in life?" Shut up Wolf, I am so tired of the life is short BS. really? When You think about the fun things in life, meat and milk come to mind? - what the heck?

Then he tries to get them to argue over the fish oil - Thankfully they didn't since that isn't central to the points they were trying to make.


Why does he still eat fish? Because he is new to the concept and he is learning, while fighting off misinformation and pressures from family and friends. Ornish, on the other hand, has no excuse.


Ornish does have an excuse: he's on McDonald's payroll. He has to preach the corporate mantra of "moderation" or else his income would go down. There is an aspect of sliminess to Ornish, but not to Esselstyn, who is rock solid integrity.


Dave S. understands that cow's milk (mucous) is designed by nature to nurse her newborn calf, not human animals. In order to obtain this milk from a mother cow, a young calf is brutally removed from his mother to be slaughtered while his mother grieves for him. At this point, the mother cow continues to lactate and is hooked up to a factory milking machine for years until her milk production wanes, at which time her body is so crippled from calcium depletion, that she can barely walk and is often dragged to her death by slaughter in the most aberrant and horrific act of cruelty.
Regarding the use of the term, "vegan." One can no more be "mostly" vegan anymore than one can be "mostly" pregnant. Vegans consume no animal flesh nor any product from animal. This includes fish and fish oils. Relentless arguments which insist that we require consumption of fish and fish oils and cow's milk, if we are going to avoid other animal flesh, is a consequence of inaccurate scientific research and/or denial. Anyone can do their own research to learn that calcium does NOT come from a cow, it is ingested by cows from eating grass. Children can get necessary bone building calcium from fresh leafy green vegetables as well as other foods. There are numerous dietary nutrition lists on the web. Adults, in fact, have too much calcium. These campaigns serve only the dairy and fish industries not human nutritional requirements.
I'd like to think that Chelsea had a positive influence on her father's decision to begin a new food plan.


Thanks for pointing out the trauma inflicted on both the mother cow & her infant calf as part & parcel to the dairy industry's MO. One cannot be both a dairy consumer & criticize the "veal industry" for cruelty without being an egregious hyoocrite, given that both activities are symbiotic. I've see Dr. Esselstyn speak at the Vegetarian Summerfest & was wholly impressed with his depth of knowledge, understanding, empathy & intellectual honesty, unfortunately sharply contradicted by Dr. Ornish. I imagine Chelsea had some positive influence on her dad's diet, but I'd be amazed if her wedding ceremony/reception was vegan under the circumstances. If so, I'm sure it would've been reported on MSNBC & CNN as such. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ought to be at the top of the list of any major medium's primetime schedule for reliable insight on the connection between (what should be vegan) diet & prominent politicians. Dairy, eggs & other animal derivatives, along with flesh, are abominations across the board, and I'm ashamed to say I didn't know the facts (about dairy & eggs) till I was 19 years old, but at least I've saved some animals since then by default.


As an eternal optimist, I hope the nation watches and learns.....
Big pharma, big meatindurstry....sure will be not happy! Which makes me happy!


While I agree with the gist of both Dr.'s Esselstyn & Ornish's commentary, I'm very disappointed in Dr. Ornish by advocating consumption of fish oil, besides the abomination of fish genocide. He ought to know better than to promote something laden with mercury and other heavy metals that causes a much heavier carbon footprint, while there are much safer & more ethical sources of essential oemga fatty acids. The most obvious ones are flax, hemp & chia seeds, as well as blue-green algae, crystal manna & E3-Live, all readily available from online raw food retailers, as well as in most decent heath food stores, for moderate prices. Wolf Blitzer showed his typical ignorance of healthful diet and an active enjoyable lifestyle by rehashing the bunk that "meat," dairy & other animal derivatives are relevant to "fun foods." Clinton is headed in the right direction, though it was completely intellectually dishonest for Blitzer or Ornish to claim that Clinton excludes all animal products, while consuming fish or fish oil as Ornish encourages. Until this interview, I mistakenly believed Ornish was a vegetarian, though he consumes or condones/encourages dairy & egg consumption. When Blitzer asked him if he's saying children shouldn't be fed milk, the medically proper answer would've been, "Of course not!" Dairy has long been known to cause or exascerbate multiple childhood-onset ailments, such as colic, diabetes, asthma, congestion, rhinitis, among others. Robert Cohen's book, "Milk: The Deadly Poison" should be at the top of Ornish & Blitzer's reading list. I'm amazed that someone of Ornish's experience would be ignorant of these facts. Let's hope someone of more reliable integrity such as Dr. Neal Barnard intervenes to remove all animal products from Clinton's regimen & secures an interview with Blitzer or another high profile primetime pundit for a national eduction so desperately lacking in this society. Our educational system is pathetic in this nation, and journalists such as Blitzer are living proof we didn't already need.


Flaxseed (golden organic is the best)can be used in many ways. I add it to my whole-wheat-oat bran bread (usually called broom bread =)). It could also be a substitute for eggs when cooking... no animal or supplement involved... just wonderful!


Dr Ornish has done an enormous amount of good with his books & his former live-in, 10 day seminars, much like what Dr McDougall does, and I give him kudos for that. But yes, for him money tends to take priority over the full truth. I certainly hope he doesn't feed his own young children dairy. He has long advocated fish oil for prostate. Perhaps the book he ought to read is The China Study. But Dr Esselstyn did the classy thing--said
they have more in COMMON & let's focus on that. That was perfect.


Dean Ornish copped out and his mealy-mouthed stuff about well, don't worry so much about this unless you're REALLY sick. Ummm, I guess it's, "Don't deny yourself the "fun stuff of life," and when you get sick you can buy my book/sign up for my program....Sure we take credit cards!"


I wasn't a big fan before this weak performance on CNN.


To Vegan Vagabond:


Flax plants, anyone? They are delicious and nutritious, and are so much more healthy for us than an oil that will not transmit any electrical impulses in our heart, muscles or nerves. It's just dead. Dead oil. Clogging oil. Which, according to Dr. Esselstyn, who was one of my professors in a class "Plant Based Nutrition" at eCornell (headed up by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his son), dissolves the lining of one's arteries, which causes our white blood cells to sacrifice their lives by gobbling up the oil or cholesterol and then morphing into a bloated foam cell, the first stage of a cancerous cell. So, when one uses cholesterol or oils, if heart disease doesn't get us, cancer will.
Smoothies for breakfast are great, and will give us the nourishment we need. Take a blender to your office, which is what I did when I worked for the Department of Justice and a few other offices there in D.C. When your baby greens like sunflower, pea, dulse, cilantro, kale, parsley or weeds, are prewashed, and the other ingredients (like watermelon, papaya, figs, or apples, are prepped, it only takes 5 minutes to blend up something that is a complete meal that will save your life. Your life will be filled with energy.


I think they had Dr Ornish on because Bill Clinton named him as one of the people that inspired him to go on this diet. So, if true, then I have to at least give Ornish kudos for that. The fact that Ornish works for McDonalds doesn't bother me either. Maybe, possibly, miraculously he can work with them over time to get them to serve more healthy food. You have to start somewhere. McDonalds isn't going away. Working with them and consulting with them on healthier products is wise. McDonbalds only cares about the commercial viability of their menu items. If Ornish can show them that they can serve healthier food that is still commercially viable, they will do it. Who knows, maybe one day the McDonalds in the US will eventually be like the McDonalds in India? Half the menu is vegetarian/vegan.


There have to be people quietly working on the inside of an organization to effect change, just as there have to be people on the outside, who are not bound by corporate restrictions and loyalties. Sort of like the good cop/bad cop working together. There is an important place in the process for both of those doctors. It must be hard to stand by silently and look aside as millions, perhaps billions, of babies and children suffer from ear infections, flu, chest congestion and colds, due to dairy though. I had to do that to keep my job. I watched this summer as our free govt. subsidized children's out of school program supplied milk, cheese, and meat sandwiches to the hungry children, and was warned not to say anything about healthier substitutes by my boss due to possible termination of our grant if I made waves.


Even PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) has to fence sit because they are 'in the loop'. I remember a comversation with Dr. Barnard mentioning after I said I didn't use any grain, that the reason he emphasized it in his New Four Food Groups was because otherwise it would be too expensive. So, he's doing great work getting the word out to people who now eat McDonalds and who are scheduled for insulin shots and walkers or wheelchairs if they don't change their diets. Then, another step up the pyramid towards health, are those of us who have to bring people up to no oils, in order to save their hearts and no salt, to save themselves from being decalcified. It's not only too much protein that causes osteoporosis, but eating salt, vinegar, alcohol, citrus and other things that Annmarie Colbin talks about in "Foods That Heal". And to the enzymes in raw/living foods, which carry the chi (qi) energy for maximum cell generation and regeneration. Everyone has a perfect job to help those who are ready at that level.


Dr. Flora,
Just curious - why do you think Neal Barnard mentioned he would not want to include grains in his 4 food groups? Do you think he would have left them out and had 3 food groups or would he have replaced with something else? I just read a copy of his "Becoming Vegan" book and it has many recipes that include pasta and pizza dough.



Dear Veraveggie, please see my comment for you at the end of the long, long, page!


It's my understanding that Dr Ornish was responsible for helping McD add all the salads to their menu a few years ago. Unfortunately there's something animal on every one but a person can at least get a fruit cup & hold the yogurt that's on the side. Seems salad entrees PERIOD were a big step for McD (and probably a pr tactic). So his job was to move them in a healthier direction & that's as big a step as they were willing to take.

And having 2 veg docs ON that show was loooong overdue. Perhaps we all should write & thank Wolf & the producers & suggest other guests like Dr McDougall, Dr Barnard, Jeff Novick, RD, etc.

Now all the vegan chefs & food companies need to send Wolf some "fun" vegan food so he sees that we have variety!

Note to Dr Flora: Thanks for reminding us all of the evils of oil, salt, vinegar, alcohol. But I would say that Annmarie is off track w/citrus (unless a person has colitis), just as Ann Wigmore was brilliant but off track in promoting fermented foods & wheatgrass. Citrus is incredibly healing for the body.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in America. I hope people who watched will quick go buy Dr Esselstyn's book or a Dr Ornish book. Now let's all go write Wolf & the producers a complimentary, nice email, thanking them for approaching this subject. Bill Clinton is beloved around the world. His example is gold.


Thanks for this thoughtful post -- a letter to Wolf is a great idea. I'm glad Ornish is nudging Mcdonald's into the 21st century. McDonald's has also made progress in the animal welfare column thanks to Temple Grandin. But, I can't forget Supersize Me! The stuff they market to CHILDREN is just unconscionable. I could never support a company that cares so little for its customers.


I didnt say Id BUY their fruit cup. ;-) (not organic!) But it's there as an option for people who do go there! :-)


I've been watching people for nearly 40 years get better using fermented foods and wheatgrass juice. Done properly by people who have clear energy, these two foods are lifesaving. When a person is negative, they cannot make the sauerkraut or fermented liquids right; they end up smelling really bad from bad bacteria. It will not ferment properly in a kitchen or kept in a fridge where there are dairy spores.
What sources do you quote for saying that citrus will not decalcify? After being made for 10 minutes, it turns very acid. Hasn't your dentist ever told you about the enamel being eaten off your teeth when you suck on a slice? Or what happens when one leaves a silver spoon in lemon juice or mayonnaise? It may be alkaline (when ripened on a tree instead of picked green and color enhanced), but once cut, it's good for drying and using as a great insect repellent.


"...nudging McD's into the 21st century..."
This is the most absurd and misleading statement to date. There are more animals killed, in more barbaric ways, now more than ever. "McD's...made progress in the animal welfare column thanks to Temple Grandin..."
This statement is unconscionable. This fake propaganda was created by the animal welfarist campaigns such as HSUS, PETA, Peter Singer, Whole Foods, et al.. The truth is that these rich organizations take credit for incremental improvements made toward animal cruelty which effected no difference in animal suffering and death. Animal growers and processors wish to make these small changes, themselves, in order to increase their profits because they learned that the aberrant torture they inflicted reduced profits; for example, separating a lactating pig mother from her offspring while she is trapped in a small cage to hasten fattening her up for slaughter. Her offspring must nurse outside this cage which causes chronic stress, illness, and death of these prisoners. Temple Grandin: another tool used to convince consumers that Grandin, an autistic, possesses a greater sensitivity to the psychological needs of cows, sheep,and pigs. She is contracted to create a fen shui like atmosphere of tranquility as these victims are led through a slaughtering chute. I would argue that Grandin, possesses less sensibility than her intuitive victims who, sense profoundly the horror to befall them. Ahead of their own entry into the chute are the screams, sounds of breaking bones, flailing, the smell of blood. Is this reassurance for victims of random brutality - that their experience will be better? The only consequence of fake animal welfare campaigns has been overwhelmingly success in fooling the public. Omnivores who once may have had second thoughts after learning of the undercover horrors filmed showing the how they get food on their plate, now have been reassured that this is no longer the case, and that their food met a happy ending; their eggs were laid by contented chickens. As Gary Francione, Abolitionist Approach notes, The difference in happy meat, milk, and egg campaigns is the difference between a padded electric chair and an unpadded electric chair. Make a visit to one of these happy farms. Stay a while. The memory of this happy reality will forever be burnt into your mind.


Oh well, of course you're right about both Temple Grandin and McDonald's. It's hideous and indefensible. Sometimes I like to try and look on the stupidly bright side of things. OK the fantasy side of things so I don't collapse into a puddle. Thank you I already have seen enough pictures, video footage and read enough books. It is burned into my mind.


Re: The importance of wheat grass juice and fermented foods: n the 80's, I worked for Ruth Otte, CEO of the Discovery Channel as an on-retainer-like-a-lawyer doctor. My job was to keep her and her family well. Her family included her friends and people who worked for her. This lady got a $ million a month for her job.

I lived in between LA and SF in CA while I worked with her and her Pasadena people and also flew to her home in MD to minister. This was a 24 hour a day job bringing people back to life, with wheat grass and baby greens being flown in daily. The friends in her 'family' had been diagnosed with terminal cancers that had metastasized, were on palliatives (medicine to control pain) and were flown in from around the world (some from Gambia in Western Africa where the father had been told to pick out his burial plot) .

For him, it took 3 shifts of people for 2 weeks who helped to feed and implant wheat grass juice into those souls in order to get him strong enough to continue the Ann Wigmore Program and get well. The men who had their wives support made quick recoveries. Those without, took a month longer. As a Mayo Clinic doctor, Chunyi Lin has expressed it: "If you believe it, it works; if you don't believe it, it works."

They ate Energy Soup which included watermelon, baby greens and weeds, sauerkraut and nut and seed cheeses, Rejuvelac and dulse, at least 3 times a day, usually more, They used a trampoline to get their lymphatic system going, usually to begin with, with my assistance, as we both bounced gently, with my arms under theirs, supporting them. The lymph system cleans the blood. Dirty blood cannot but poison a whole system.

I particularly remember one friend who fell out of the taxi who had flown from his brother, who is a Mayo Clinic doctor, and after I asked him if he was ready to work, and he had said yes, I got him under the armpits (which was easy because he was over 6' tall, after we had climbed the huge frame and he stood leaning against me as we surveyed the scenery, far above L.A., seeing the lights of Hollywood below. He told me he couldn't see very well and could barely hear. The liver cancer had spread to his brain and head. I had him to myself for a month.

Five weeks after he had arrived, he was out there by himself, leaping up into the sky from the mat of the trampoline, roaring and screaming in joy. All I could do was smile. It had happened again! Expectedly. This healing process is a scientific inevitability. A physical science. Once healing starts, it continues and builds on itself as long as one doesn't eat any foods without the qi energy; as long as one doesn't eat any cooked foods. At that point, the cells are vibrating so fast that they push out anything in the body that is not like themselves. There is no room for dead cancer cells, which are starved to death because they are not being fed by mucus-producing foods, like flour products and dairy, nightshades and caustic liquids like citrus, vinegars, alcohols and Liquid Aminos. The new cells are not being clogged up and killed by vegetable oils, cholesterol foods, and processed flours and salt.

The enemas made sure that the waste material, the dead cancer cells and excess fat,protein and starches did not re-absorb (resorb) into his body. This is what kills people. It's not the cancer. It's the body drowning in its own waste. The wheat grass juice implants built new blood and prevented reinfection by the fluke eggs that were being spewed into the body by the dying parasites, trying desperately to perpetuate their species in their host. When you see someone who is getting well who has puffy bags under their eyes, like our exPrez, tell them about colonics and get them a book by Norman Walker so they know how easy it is to have continuing success.

It's not enough to stop putting dead cholesterol foods in one's body; you must provide the body a means to get rid of the garbage that will be thrown out of the cells once they gain strength to do the job. This must be done daily before one is awake 2 hours. It is done by the life giving colonic irrigations (enemas and colonics) and implants of fresh (made within 15 minutes) wheat grass juice.


It is exactly because of comments from individuals like, Dr. Flora,3rd, that I resist unsubscribing from newsletters in self-righteous indignation. I may disagree and/or people may be totally inaccurate, but sooner or later, the pearls of knowledge, experience and healing success stories will drop at our feet and to be picked up by the open minded amongst us. Thank you for your post.


Best of luck Mr. Clinton. I hope you stick with the diet in the long run!

Regarding Ornish: he never had a vegan diet plan as far as I know. His was a low fat (10%)vegetarian diet. You could still eat fat free dairy.

My impression of him (purely speculatory) is that he has moved into the mainstream in the past few ears with his Spectrum diet, etc. because his other diet plans seemed too restrictive for your average consumer. I am highly skeptical of anyone telling us to eat more fish when the problems of overfishing as well as mercury and other pollutants that humans dump into the water, are well known.

I am a little disappointed to find out he is a consultant for McDonalds but hopefully his influence there will change something.

Still, his research has done a lot to link the benefits of eating a plant based diet with a risk of lower hear disease so I think we can be thankful to him for that.


There are a lot of reasons not to include grains. Dr. Barnard only mentioned that the cost of eating foods without grains would be too high. If you've heard of the booklet, by Doug Graham, entitled "Grain Damage" a play on the words brain damage, you might get a clearer picture of why many many people are leaving out grains now.

So many people with Crohns have gotten relief with no grains and no pasteurized, homogenized dairy also.

I do not use grains personally for multiple reasons: first, the calcium and phosphorus ration is so backward and unbalanced (instead of 2:1, it's 1:9), and I'm one of those who gets horrible leg and food cramps, restless leg syndrome, etc. from grain. One piece of bread, even if it's a sprouted Ezekiel 4:9 tortilla, will cramp me up that night. I don't have problems with making my own Essene bread, but because of the asbestos in the organic wheat seed, I don't bother because I don't need it. I just grow the wheat grass and use it. I don't need the bread because mostly the reason I and other people want grains is for the b vitamins (and they are always incompletely added back), not counting the delicious smell when it's just coming out of the oven, and I get all the complete b's I need (and I don't need to use my oven except to store dishes in) in my fermented seed and nuts cheeses, sauerkraut and rejuvelac. I understand now why Dr. Wigmore immediately threw away the Essene Bread I brought to her the first year I was with her.

The second reason are the molds: ergot (which makes people have hallucinations, think they are God, etc.), aflatoxin (which combined with dairy, according to Dr. Esselstyn grows tumors), etc. You could go to Mexico and buy a pastry there and be safe from the mold, but there is a real problem in the U.S. with moldy grains, cherries, berries, plums, flaxseed, wheat, breads in general, buckwheat, kamut, oats, quinoa, millet, cornmeal, cream of wheat, grits, rice, artichokes, dried beans, nuts, peanut butter, tapioca, red and white potatoes (brown potatoes had too much zearalenone throughout. Please do reasearch on that and avoid them), wrote Dr. Clark.

There were ways to get rid of the mold. For the dried beans, one needed to wash them several times to get rid of the asbestos, and use a pressure cooker, cook twice to kill the parasite eggs in the center of them that survive the first cooking. For the nuts, use ones in the shell and crack them yourselves and remove the brown skins. Arrowhead Mills was the only peanut butter that was without the mold. The red and white potatoes were to be soaked in hot water twice and peeled carefully. Canned fruits, had asbestos currants, raisins, other dried fruit, grapes, strawberries, were to be avoided because one could not wash the mold off. Plums, kumquats and nectarines, were to be soaked in hot water twice for 1 minute, cut out the stem and blossom widely. For the grains, washed three times and drained to remove the asbestos and cooked twice.

Since I grow the flaxseed, I don't have to worry about the mold. The researchers did not recommend eating "sunflower seeds or sprouted or cooked wheat because it was too difficult to remove the asbestos. Wheat grass was ok. Artichokes one needed to cook twice., Canned vegetables had too many chemicals, and were to be avoided. Mushrooms were too difficult to sterilize, and there was a caution: don't use." I just copied this from a list I got from Dr. Clark when I was doing research for my daughter when she had cancer, and a number of my patients who also had been diagnosed as so-called terminally ill. They recommended that one "soak bananas twice in hot water and pat dry.

Grains, apples, kiwi, pears, peaches, avocado, bananas, cooked vegetables, and dried beans have other things in them as well: asbestos, azo dye, and benzene." Actually, you should have the list from Clark's "The Cure for All Diseases", "The Cure for All Cancers", or "The Cure for All Advanced Cancers". I worked with her for a couple of years, on and off, and in my experience, no matter what others have said, she was an overworked and underpaid and under-recognized genius with integrity. The things I saw happen in her primitive clinic were nothing short of miraculous, and it's too bad I couldn't have gotten Dr. Wigmore together with her because both protocols worked, but Dr. Wigmore, unfortunately, was dead before I met Dr. Clark, and I was searching for somneone I could trust like I did Dr. Wigmore with whom to do research. Dr. Clark wouldn't have charged anybody money either, she was like Dr. Wigmore in that aspect; but they both had to pay rent, etc.and they both fed their students the food they needed to get well. The only difference was Dr. Clark used some foods like dairy to tease the fluke parasites out of the deep tissues and organs back into the GI tract so that the black walnut, wormwood and cloves could kill them. When they were in the gut, the zapper could get to many of them too. Wheatgrass juice, used in Dr. Wigmore's protocol, as a poultice and a rectal or vaginal implant or in a nasal irrigation, eye wash, gargle, or ear wash will do the job too.

Using both methods, it was amazing how quickly people got well. AIDS, metastisized cancers, everything we/they tried. I recommend you try it.

I also still recommend the basic zapper (in Clark's books) with the 9 volt battery, 2 electric leads with alligator clips and 4" copper tubes, 5/8" in diameter to people. One can make it for a few dollars and if you don't have wheatgrass juice, it sure gets rid of parasites, viruses and bacteria that one doesn't want in less than 2 hours. The problem is that when you go to be tested again, the laboratory results are 180 degrees from what they were before you zapped and they think they've made a mistake! How can anyone get well that fast? Must be a mistake! :}

Back to studying. I have 2 critical tests, one this Friday and the last one, 2 weeks from that, to recertify as a teacher. I will be back on line on the 1st of November. Send me focus energy!


"Grains, apples, kiwi, pears, peaches, avocado, bananas, cooked vegetables, and dried beans have other things in them as well"

Sorry, just shoot me in the head now and let's get it over with.


Thanks, that gave me some things to think about. Though I am not sure about the electronic zapper thing, it does have a lengthy write up in Quack Watch as you may already know. I'm not here to argue with people though. :)


Dr. Flora, 3rd. Thank you for sharing your understanding on grains. We just got our felines off grains as urged by our homeopathic veterinarian following stone formation causing pain and difficulty in urination which is life threatening for cats. You would think we would have made the connection with our own bodies.


The largest cats (lions) are a great example of herbivores. The alpha lion, that ol' Big Daddy, has the first choice of the morsels that the females have downed for him: the fermented grain in the animal's stomach. He gets to feast on the b-complex vitamins that give him strength and the poor younger males can only chew on the raw meat for the blood. The cat food makers had to put this stomach digest in their cat food because the cats were getting sick from deficiencies. Now, this seems to have been forgotten, and many cats and dogs are again without the fermented stomach grains, as are most people without sauerkraut and other fermented foods, like rejuvelac, seed and nut cheeses, or transitionally, nutritional yeast.

All of Dr. Wigmore's animals were raw food vegans, except the last little poodle, and that was probably the reason for her death. In her absence, someone gave the puppy chicken, and on her return, the little one refused the food she earlier thrived on. In order not to deprive the pup, Dr. Wigmore bought organic chicken and put a little on top of the Energy Soup she prepared for the dog. She was probably boiling a chicken when the electrical fire started in the old kitchen in the wall and she didn't know that you didn't put out an electrical fire with water. She collapsed and died from smoke inhalation next to the tub with a pail of water in her hands.

Not to worry about the new knowledge that we have to protect our health by washing all of the asbestos, dye, mold and benzene off our apples, or double cook our beans. Dr. Clark added HCl to servings - 2 drops per serving of each item on your plate (e.g. 2 drops on potatoes, 2 drops on green beans, etc.)or dipped in HCl water with 2 drops per cup of water) and added B2 to the apples, kiwi, pears and peaches' soaking water. When you've been diagnosed with cancer, and follow those directions that Dr. Clark gave, you got well. Since I follow a combination of the Wigmore protocol (using fresh wheatgrass juice instead of HCl) and some of what Dr. Clark recommended, I am grateful to be 75 without any troubles, but, I use no nightshades except tomatoes once in awhile, being aware that there are residues of the sheep liver fluke biproducts in tomatoes. Her book has the whole list of what contains the isopropyl alcohol residues, also, that attract the fluke because the alcohol destroys the liver: bottled water is the worst of the offenders. If we want to remain healthy way into our senior years, we just have to research and clean our food and eat organic, local, fresh and raw, as much as possible.

The reason I moved to Florida is because when its 95 degrees F., it's really easy to be raw and there's no way a person can chow down on heavy cooked foods and survive comfortably here in that heat, you sweat so much and sleep fitfully, and need to live indoor in a/c, which is not good for you in the first place. Down here, one can eat the highest vibration foods and feel great and not feel or be deprived.


Thank you DaveS`>
Consumption of agritortured animals "happy death" included, has been a serious concern of ours. Please give more detail, if you can, on how to..."do it right."


Thank you Dave S. on how to make the transition for a feline diet, if we dare.

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