Cloris Leachman, 85 - and 50 years vegetarian

contactmusic.com | via IVU | 09/21/10

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Veteran actress CLORIS LEACHMAN has followed her diet for 50 years after becoming a vegetarian at the age of 35.

The Young Frankenstein star gave up meat in an effort to get healthy after she was struck down with hayfever, arthritis and asthma over the course of a summer.

But the diet change forced Leachman to drastically rethink her eating habits.

She explains, "I had to relearn how to cook about three different times - you're from Iowa, there's all sorts of good stuff and I used to marinate the meat with red wine... then I became vegetarian."

Leachman claims the diet helped give her her trademark long legs: "If you're a vegetarian, you get very long legs for some reason or other."

And there's another benefit: "If you don't eat meat, you don't smell... I don't ever wear a deodorant."

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She looks...and I bet...feels amazing.
I quitt meat when I was around 35 years, a couple of years later I quitt dairy....so there is hope for me to look and feel great in another 30 years.....hurrah!

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