Too much red meat may boost heart failure risk | 08/17/10

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Eating too much red meat may increase the risk of heart failure by 24 per cent, according to a data from American male physicians.

An average of 9.5 servings of red meat per week was associated with a significant increase in heart failure risk, compared with only 1.5 servings per week, according to data from 21,120 men participating in the Physicians' Health Study.

"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to evaluate the relationship between red meat consumption and HF risk in a large cohort," state the researchers in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Bad press for meat products

The study is yet more bad news to the meat industry, following previous reports that consumption of red meat may increase the risk of certain cancers. Such reports are negatively impacting on the industry, according to a recent survey commissioned by the World Cancer Research Fund that found that over 10 per cent of people have tried to cut down on processed meat intake.

The survey was commissioned one year after the fund published a report that claimed that eating 150g of processed meat a day increased the risk of bowel cancer by 63 per cent.

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