Oesophageal cancer rates rise steeply in men | via IVU | 08/29/10

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Rates of oesophageal cancer in men have risen by 50 percent in Britain in a generation, an increase that is probably being driven in part by growing rates of obesity and poor diet, scientists said on Saturday.

As the "fat man of Europe," Britain is seeing far higher rates of a type of oesophageal cancer called adenocarcinoma, which is related to obesity and eating a high saturated fat diet, researchers with the charity Cancer Research UK said.

"We think the obesity epidemic may be a big reason behind the increase. We know that being overweight significantly increases the risk of adenocarcinoma -- the main type of oesophageal cancer that's on the up," said Janusz Jankowski of Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry, whose research was backed by the charity.

"Our changing diets are also likely to be influencing the rise, with people eating less fruit and vegetables."

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Maybe one reason also why the most affected with this type of cancer are men because of their lifestyle. Men do smoke a lot and drink alcohol the most compared with women. This will also serve as a wake up call to men not to abuse their own health.

Anna Marie

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