Finland suspends swine flu shots after vaccine linked with neurological disorder


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he National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) decided on Tuesday to recommend that vaccinations against swine flu with the Pandemix vaccine should be suspended until it is established whether or not the vaccine is the cause of the surge in cases of narcolepsy among children and young people.
      By Tuesday, 15 new cases of the disease, which causes the sufferer to suddenly fall asleep without warning, had been diagnosed among children aged 5 to 16 since December. There is a clear time correlation between the cases and the swine flu vaccinations.
      In addition to the confirmed cases, there are some where the disease is suspected are being studied.
Normally about six cases of narcolepsy among children and young people are diagnosed each year in Finland.
      An unusually large number of patients have also been diagnosed with narcolepsy in Sweden after vaccinations for swine flu had been administered. There is no information of new cases in other countries.

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