State of Union: Fraud is good, waterboarding is not torture, bankers are above the law | Max Keiser | 07/09/10

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What would happen if network news reported what was actually going on in this country?

Here's one show that does it.

In ten minutes, without even referring to the catastrophe in the Gulf once, this program shows how completely the US has come under the control of psychopaths and professional criminals.

This video comes from the consistently excellent Max Keiser program.

He covers a lot of ground very fast and his economic projections have been outstanding, but he is also an outspoken advocate for freedom and human rights.

It's all tied together: tyranny, government lying, torture, media collaboration, financial fraud, rampant corporate criminality. Max Keiser is one of the very few who gets it and puts it out there.

The only difference between the US today and Germany during the Hitler era
is there's no obvious goose stepping in the streets and the swastikas are in the closet.

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