India, South West Asia Veg*n Congress


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IVU-ISWAVeg Congress

(IVU-India, South West Asia Vegetarian Congress)

Practicing Ahimsa: The Core of Our Values

Bangalore, India.  Oct.30-Nov.2, 2010

2 days of Lectures, Workshops & Music and 2 days of excursion


Be there! Lets show the way ahead!


International Vegetarian Union (, established in 1908, promoting 100% plant diet, will be having its regional congress IVU ISWAVeg Congress at Hotel E-Inn A Vegetarian, Non-alcoholic, Non-smoking Business Class Hotel (, Bangalore from Oct.30 to Nov.2, 2010. 

The theme of the event is Practicing Ahimsa-the core of our values and it is meant to promote non-violence in our diet and bring together all like-minded people in a mutually learning and enjoying atmosphere. 

The first two days of the event will feature lectures and workshops by prominent speakers and a carnatic classical music concert by Vegan Mohan Santanam (  The last 2 days will be excursion.

The event is being organized by the Indian Vegan Society


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It happened this way. This fine, bright morning of July 24, 2010, I got up early feeling quite fresh, walked into the loo to unburden myself, and sat at my PC to first read this interesting news. I immediately made up my mind to attend this Veg Congress, everything permitting. Bangalore is not very far from my residence close to Colombo.

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