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Indonesia Vegetarian Society | via IVU | 07/02/10

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roeddyRoeddy Zeng (pictured right with his son) is one of the main organisers of the 2010 IVU World Vegetarian Congress to be held in Jakarta from 1-6 October, with an excursion to Bali from 7-9 Oct. Roeddy kindly agreed to answer some questions. Please see the Congress website for further details:

Please tell us a little about the Indonesia Vegetarian Society (IVS), the host organization for the Congress.

Officially listed as a member of the International Vegetarian Union just a couple of months after its birth on 8 Aug, 1998, the Indonesia Vegetarian Society has ever since shown its strong commitment to promoting vegetarianism both locally and internationally for the reasons of health, environment, animal welfare and nature‟s harmony. Now, it is estimated that there are 80,000 members in IVS‟s 51 branches across the country.

The main Congress, from 1-6 Oct, will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city. Why did you choose Jakarta?

Because IVS‟s headquarters is located in Jakarta. Also, as the nation‟s capital and largest city, Jakarta is a meeting point for representatives from throughout the Indonesian archipelago that is easily accessible from others cities in Indonesia and from other countries.

From 7-9 Oct, the Congress shifts to Bali. What is the purpose of going there?

The purpose of shifting to the island of Bali is to allow our speakers and participants, both local and international, to relax, sightsee and enjoy the artistic and natural splendour that is Bali. Indeed, this tropical paradise‟s unique mix of tourist facilities offers something for everyone.

IVS has invited a wide range of societies, organizations, universities and formal and informal schools to participate in the Congress. Plus, we will distribute brochures, flyers, posters and banners through our partner restaurants and our 51 branches.

Additionally, Gramedia (the largest and most famous bookstore chain in Indonesia) is allowing IVS to use its stores all over Indonesia (about 100 outlets) to promote the Congress and the Meat Free Monday programme that IVS has been carrying out nationwide. Plus, IVS is already working with many schools and universities on Meat Free Mondays. For instance, IVS, with support from the Nutrition Dept of University of Indonesia is conducting a vegan scientific paper competition for high school and university students.

What about reaching out to the government and the media?

We are working to approach local governments, as well as the national government‟s Departments of Health, Environment, and Culture and Tourism. For example, the Department of Culture and Tourism has put our Congress in their 2010 agenda, which means they are promoting the Congress domestically and internationally.

As to the media, we are working with our contacts in tv, radio and newspapers to spread the news about the Congress before, during and after. For instance, IVS has appeared on a Metro TV (the most famous news TV in Indonesia) live morning talk show for 1 hour (8-9am) to promote the Congress. A big turnout from overseas will boost the event‟s chances for media attention.

Indonesian is the main language of your country. How will you make the Congress sessions accessible to those who do not speak Indonesian well and to those who speak Indonesian well but whose English is not yet ready for conference sessions?

We will mainly use only two languages: Indonesian and English. Every speaker will be helped by our translation team in panel and parallel sessions.

What are some Indonesia dishes that Congress participants can look forward to?

We will provide such fabulous Indonesia dishes as Gado-Gado (mixed steamed vegetables with sauce and milled peanuts and monkey nut), Karedok (mixed raw vegetables with toppings), Ketoprak (mixed steamed vegetables, rice noodles and various toppings). Plus, Congress delegates will enjoy tempeh, one of our country‟s best known foods, as well as a variety of unique desserts.

Where on the internet can people go for further information on the Congress?

For further information, people can access our official Congress website at One further piece of news is that we just added another Congress hotel in Jakarta: The Best Western.

Intriguing Indonesia Hosts IVU World Veg Congress

indonesiaHere‟s just a little information on the host nation for the 2010 IVU World Vegetarian Congress:

Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago. It consists of more than 17,000 islands with a population of over 200 million. Indonesia exhibits incredible diversity in its language, culture and tradition. There are more than 300 ethnic groups speaking 200 distinct languages and dialects.

Jakarta is the capital and the largest city of Indonesia. As such, Jakarta is a "meeting point" of representatives from throughout the archipelago. Located on the northwest coast of the island of Java,

Jakarta covers an area of 661.52 square kilometers (255.41 square miles). In fact, it is the twelfth largest city in the world.

For more on some of the sites we‟ll be visiting in Jakarta:

Nutrition Professor among Keynoters at IVU WVC


The IVU World Vegetarian Congress features an impressive array of presenters from a broad range of backgrounds. Among the keynote speakers is Dr Duo Li (pictured here with his family), a professor of Nutrition at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China.

In addition to serving as editor of the 'Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition', Prof Li is also vice-president of the Asia Vegetarian Union.
Before he came back to China, he was a senior research fellow at RMIT University, Australia and a research fellow at Deakin University, Australia. The title of his keynote address is 'Evidence Based Vegetarian Nutrition'.

39th IVU World Vegetarian Congress Newsletter

for the full version, with all the details, photos, etc. download: (PDF 1mb)


Jakarta, October 1st-6th, 2010
Bali, October 7th-9th, 2010

Flashing back on the World Vegetarian Congress, the first on was conducted over a hundred years ago. It was the moment the International Vegetarian Union came into existence in 1908. The latest one, the 38th World Vegetarian Congress was held in Dresden, Germany, in 2008, under the theme "100 Years of Food Revolution". It is honored as a home coming celebration after 100 years of promoting vegetarianism worldwide.

The upcoming 39th World Vegetarian Congress sets sail under the call for saving our life and global environment by going vegetarian: "Save our Life, Save our Planet". This time, the Congress is going to be hosted and organized by Indonesia Vegetarian Society in Jakarta on October 1st-6th, 2010. There will be a post Congress tour in Bali on October 7th-9th, 2010.

Home to the world's fourth largest human population, Indonesia definitely plays an important role in addressing global issues with respect to its human resources. A nationwide body representing the country in vegetarianism, the Indonesia Vegetarian Society wants to do its part for the country, ensuring that the huge true health, true peace and true harmony into the world. That is why, the Indonesia Vegetarian Society has also ventured to host the 2009 Asian Vegetarian Congress. Evidently, this is part of the global imperative from the international vegetarian community.


Purpose & Objective
This congress is more than just an international meeting and the opportunity to share information. We sure have a very urgent to build systems better to develop a vegetarian as a global obligation for the continuity of life and the environment.

Program & Events
- Presentation of Science (by the Scientist/Expert)
- Meeting, Discussion and Public Seminars
- Arts Performance and Warm-hearted
- Vegan and Green Festival
- Sight-seeing around Indonesia Miniature, Bogor Botanical Gardens,
- Ancol Bay and Bali Island tours

Gedung Pusat Niaga 6th Floor PRJ Kemayoran,
Jakarta International Exhibition and Promotion (JIExpo) is an international exhibition & conference place located downtown Jakarta. It's ideal for a Congress Meeting and Festival, only 30 minutes from the international airport of Soekarno-Hatta. Bali Art Center is the culture building complex with the best style of Balinese traditional architecture.

- see PDF for photos and details of venue and hotels, participation fees, tentative program and speakers: (PDF 1mb)

- or go to the Congress website at


The Indonesia Vegetarian Society is a member of the International Vegetarian Union: 


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