Homer Simpson's Voice Actor is a Vegetarian Teetotaler


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If Homer Simpson is an overweight, meat-gorging, beer-swilling, couch-dwelling slave to his impulses, then Dan Castellaneta, the man who plays him on TV, is his bizarro twin.

The 52-year-old voice of the baffoonish cartoon character -- who this week was named Entertainment Weekly's greatest film or TV character created over the past two decades -- is a vegetarian teetotaler who exercises every day and practices Tai Chi.

Oh, and unlike Homer -- whose boneheaded job at a nuclear power plant nets him a lower-middle-class paycheck -- Castellaneta is rich. Very rich.

Castellaneta and the five other main actors make a tidy $400,000 per episode. At 22 episodes a season, that amounts to a whopping $8.8 million a year.


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