Ellen DeGeneres on why she went vegan

youtube.com | 06/18/10

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Books like Diet For A New America, Skinny Bitch and the film Earthlings had a profound effect on Ellen's decision to avoid animal products.

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In that short interview, she made one of the greatest contributions ever towards raising the consciousness of the country concerning the reality of farmed animals and meat eating.

Way to go, Ellen!


What a fabulous interview...so well-spoken. THANK YOU, ELLEN!!! This needs to be forwarded far & wide.
Bless her. :-)


Yes, thank you Ellen. I watched "Earthlings" today. I've lived a vegan lifestyle for a year now, made the change for health. I swear after watching that movie I'll never switch back. I've always loved animals. I had no idea just how bad it can be for them. I started sobbing part way thru the movie. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT BEING AWARE.


While I admire Ellen for choosing a vegan diet, I am wondering why she still does commericials for a company that chooses to use animals in its testing. This just doesn't compute. Is it OK to not eat animals but OK to use them to test cosmetics?


All the comments here are right on and thank the universe for Ellen who surely is going to make a huge difference to the peace movement. BUT, what really bothers me about human animals is that individuals like Oprah who have had ALL the info. on this issue, continue their meat consuming ways. Oprah loves to mention in virtually each breath how she adores animals, but goes right on eating them and feeding them to her dogs. Same with Martha Stuart who has had vegan chefs on her show. And what about Katie Couric who now has the info. first hand? Exactly what part of cruelty do they not understand - exactly what part of this horrific equation do they NOT get? And this applies to every other meat eater. I've been vegan since the mid '80's and regardless of all the information I've passed on when asked for it, no one became vegan. Yet all these individuals claimed a deep love for animals. Really? Now, when people tell me how much they adore animals, I right away ask them what they're eating for dinner. The silence is resounding.


I was thinking the exact same thing that jayleigh commented when I scrolled down to post my comment! Why in the world do these so called vegan celebrities endorse and promote companies that are not vegan!!! Are they just doing it for the $$ and the fame? HELLO??? Cover Girl is not vegan! I just read that Carrie Underwood is going to be a spokeswoman for Olay! OMG both of these lines are owned by Proctor & Gamble! They test on animals and their products aren't vegan!
I am an Independent Consultant for a vegan certified health and wellness company. Our new CEO used to work for P&G and even made a wise crack about Oil of Olay at our last national conference!!


I understand people's frustration and anger with celebrities that endorse non-vegan products or work for companies that do animal testing. But I think that human awareness and the raising of consciousness is a very slow process. Patience is important and letting go. We can not control other people's behaviors or their choices. It is difficult NOT to be angry and frustrated but it won't help to enlighten people or get them to see your viewpoint. And it makes you an angry and unhappy person which does not serve you or the world.


I have felt the need to become vegan myself and after listening to Ellen I have made the choice to. Not that she is the be all end all to me but something does have to tip the scale and this was it for me, thank you Ellen for giving the push needed!!

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